June 24, 2019

Menu Monday: 6•24•19

Does that say 24?  Because it looks like 24 but then that would mean we are already one month into Summer Break and that just can't be...

We have gotten a rough start to the Summer.  Between the dogs and the doctors, life has been a little crazy lately.  Crazier than our usual crazy. And thats saying a lot.  There aren't any signs of it all slowing down either so Im just holding on and rolling with it.  I do want to knock a few things off our Bucket List this week.  And Im really hoping for a trip to the beach this weekend.  Fingers crossed.  Im kinda wanting to hibernate until Friday, but I think I will just get a start on the week and make the most of it.  Hello Monday! 

Hope Whispers Menu

Usually I love being in the kitchen but this week, less time in the kitchen is needed.   More time with the family wins.  I mean it always wins, but Im carving out a little extra time.  Family always comes first.

With a little prep that I can get done later today, all of this weeks dinners can be ready to go in under 30 minutes.  Figured I would stick to things that I know everyone will like too.  And meals that will have leftovers.  That means on Thursday we can spend most of the day at the pool!  Here is what this weeks menu looks like...

Chicken Sandwiches and Fries

Street Tacos



Arroz con Pollo

Chicken Tacos
Taco Tuesdays never disappoint!

See, Im keeping it short and simple this week. Next week I will be sure to try something new.  Last week I made THIS and even David gave it two whole thumbs up.  Even with the low sodium taco seasoning, it was a little salty for my likes but hey, if they like it, Im keeping it!
Menu Plan Monday
What's cooking in your kitchen this week? Are you trying anything new lately that you just loved?  Im on the hunt for something new so let me know!

Happy Monday Everyone.  I hope you all have an amazing week!

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