April 19, 2019

What Whats Up Weekend? 4•19•19

Friday at last!  What a week it has been.  I am so glad it's over and done with.  And even better news is that its a 4 day weekend here!  Viva Fiesta!

Today I'm linking up with Lindsay from The Flynnigans, Charlotte from My Pixie Blog and Beth from Coffee until Cocktails.  Every Friday we share all the things that we are happy, grateful and thankful for!  Stop on over and see what everyone else is sharing today! Here is my list for this week!

  1.  A fun little BBQ last weekend.  
  2.  Breaking in the new grill.
  3.  Getting yard projects started.
  4.  My new lava lava. 
  5.  Game of Thrones.  
  6.  Blooming flowers.
  7.  Night thunderstorms.
  8.  Hammock naps.
  9.  Long weekends.
  10.  Knowing I can have coffee again soon.

This weekend will be spend finishing up the back yard and getting everything back where it belongs.  We had to redo the shed base so everything is everywhere.  I can't wait to have it done because then I can get all the rest of the stuff in the garage moved back into the shed where it belongs and have just a little bit less clutter in there.  And less clutter is always good!  Also, I need to get my Jasmine plan in the ground while the weather is cooperating.  I can't wait to watch it grow and bloom even more!

We are planning a park day too.  There is some serious need for fresh air and sunshine around here.  It might just be me having a little cabin fever.  My body thrives in the sun.  Its April and I still haven't been in the water.  I might just be a mermaid after all!  

It's been a little quiet around here.  My head is sorta stuck in its feelings and its been a rough few weeks but yesterday morning after a nice night of thunderstorms I sat outside and though about all the things I have to be happy about.  That's the thing about chronic illness.  You can be so loved, supported and surrounded by people who love you and still be alone and sad.  I tried writing about it.  I deleted and erased it all.  But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I'm ready to feel the sun on my face again!

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend.  And a Happy Easter.  OMG I can drink coffee again in 2 days and have to say that was harder than anything else I have ever given up for lent.  No coffee, no soda for 40 days.  Ive never been so excited for a Sunday before! HA!

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