April 8, 2019

Menu Monday 4•8•19

Who is ready for another week?  I know I am.  Seriously whos genius idea was it to give up coffee for Lent?  Hot chocolate and tea just aren't cutting it.  Just a few more weeks and I'm good.  I got this! I think.

Menu Plan Hope Whispers

I also have my menu planned.  And that is good because my to do list for the week just keeps growing!  And on Friday night David disappeared and then showed up back at home...with my MOM.  Im so happy to have company during the week now!  Having my menu planned means there is one less thing to worry about now!

Here is what we have lined up this week...

Lemon Pepper Turkey
Brown Rice Pilaf

Chicken Tacos

Leftover night


Baked Fish

We had a great weekend.  We made it to the Strawberry Festival after all.  It rained that morning and when we got there the sun came out and the temperature skyrocketed.  We got to pet Llamas and donkeys.  We listened to some great music, got our turkey leg fix and I took the boys on a ride.  They aren't big ride fans but who doesn't like the Scrambler?  Or I think this one was called the Sizzler.  Same thing.  But the heat was pretty bad and the boys were ready to go home after a few hours.  So we came home.  Sunday was all about resting.  We got some good rainstorms over night so Im hoping and crossing my fingers that it washed away all the pollen out there.  Holy allergies!

Now, about that to do list!  First up, laundry.  Then I need to get appointments for the next few months scheduled and lined up.  Can you feel the excitement?  No?  Yeah, me either.  I also need to start planning next weeks menu, because this week is pretty basic.  HA!

What about your menu?  Is it done yet?  Whats on it?  Or if you haven't planned it yet, what are wanting/hoping to be on it?

I just realized that I was supposed to have labs done today... but I already took my meds and Im running on a whole hour of sleep, so it looks like I am going to have to push that back a little bit.  I suppose I should call them and reschedule.  And then sneak in a nap! My bad!

Happy Monday Everyone!

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