April 29, 2019

Menu Monday 4•29•19

I never got around to posting last weeks menu and that's probably a good thing since I didn't make most of it.  I'll get around to those this week.  The only thing is that means we are having a crap ton of chicken this week.  Not that anyone around here would complain.  As long there are different flavors, they don't even notice.  Thank God for boys who will eat anything!

Menu Monday

Moms back for the week before she heads home and I wasn't letting her go with out getting her to fry us up some chicken.  I have tried to make it like she does but it just isn't the same.  So lets see what else made the list this week...

Baked Chicken Thighs

Moms Fried Chicken


Zucchini & Beef Skillet

Orange Chicken or Clam Chowder

Clam Chowder in bread bowl

So see what I mean about that chicken?!  Theres a lot of it.  I had planned on Fried Chicken on Friday but David was a little excited about Moms Fried Chicken and so it looks like it got bumped up to tomorrow.  I was wanting clam chowder but I still have stuff for the Orange Chicken I was supposed to make last week.  So we will just see what we are in the mood for come Friday!  We will just have the other on Saturday I suppose!  We went shopping tonight, thats why I'm so late with this post.  I was being a total slacker this weekend so not much got done.

I did manage to pressure wash the driveway and sidewalk out front and the back patio.  The guys got back on Saturday.  Mom too.  On Sunday we went to watch Avengers: End Game and then came home just in time for Game of Thrones.  So I spent most of the day holding my breath!  Ahhh!  Seriously, it was a mentally exhausting day for sure.

This week I'm just soaking up a little more time with Mom before she goes home. and am totally hoping she comes back again soon.   Although a Florida trip next Summer has been brought up a few times already.  Who knows.  For now we are here, doing yard work and laughing at stupid memes on Facebook.  I'm going to miss having her company for sure.  I need to remember to get a few pictures of the two of us too.  This one is from last summer.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and that your weeks have gotten off to a great start! Happy Monday!

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