April 1, 2019

Menu Monday: 4•1•19

There is something extra exciting about a Monday that kicks off a new month!  And by exciting, I  mean I should be excited about it but for the love of all things, I am exhausted this morning and I am extra excited about maybe even getting a nap in at some point this morning.

But first I need to get my week planned out because I have been winging life lately and it's not working so great at the moment.  When I don't have a clear plan laid out I tend to fall off and under the bus.  I forget my medication, I get sucked into binge watching Netflix and run late getting dinner started.  It's the worst.  So I am kicking off the month on the right foot.  Exhaustion be damned, I have things to do!  First up is this weeks menu.  Here is what we will be cooking up...

Hamburger Macaroni


Jalapeno Chicken


Fish Tacos

I know that tacos are up there twice. But I mean seriously, why not?  Is there such a thing as too many taco days?  I usually skip the tortillas on the Fish tacos anyways and just eat them over the slaw.  But I know the boys won't mind at all! Tacos for days!

Its a pretty easy week.  David is done with his second job until summertime so having him home at nights will be nice again.  We will be missing that extra spending money but right now, I am just going to soak in some couch time with him.  And while everyone is gone, I really need to get this house in order.  The laundry is piling up, the grass needs mowing, carpets need a good steam and the dogs need baths...again.  I need to break up the days so that it's not so overwhelming.  I discovered Clean Mama on Instagram and love her schedule.  Think I will try to stick to that this week and see how it goes.

How was your weekend?  Did you do anything fun?  We had another crazy cold front roll in over the weekend and went from the low 80s to the 50s so going out wasn't really the biggest priority for us. We did squeeze in a trip to the Zoo.  Our passes are up and even though I know we will be renewing them, a quick visit never hurt.

Happy Monday Everyone!

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