March 14, 2019

Rhinos Return to the San Antonio Zoo

I've been talking about it for weeks and sharing pictures here and there but in case you missed it, Rhinos have Returned to the San Antonio Zoo.  And we are so excited.  Ok maybe me more than the guys.  But Alex has a soft spot for Rhinos too!  Did you ever hear the short story he wrote about Rhinos when he was 6?   I shared in on my IG way back when but you can check it out HERE.   It's a super short story but the cutest.  And he even added a signature sheet so anyone who read it would sign and say that they would never hurt one.  This guy is safe and sound on my bed.  One of my most favorite Valentines gifts ever.

The Rhino exhibit at the zoo got a complete overhaul recently.  And then came two little lady rhinos.  OK not so little, but the two ladies were the first residents to check out the new area and I heard that there will be a Mr. Rhino joining them soon.  But look...

The renovated enclosure has a cool waterfall that flows into a winding stream.  There are trees and boulders and other plants too.  And I read somewhere that eventually the enclosure will be connected to the giraffe and zebra enclosure.  

The girls arrived just days apart and oh my word are they beautiful.  They seem to be getting along and I loved how they followed each other around.  Whenever one would walk off, the other would set off to find her.  

If you visit the Rhinos at the San Antonio Zoo, you will no doubt notice the 17 ft tall giant bronze sculpture that stands there.  

This statue is named The Last Three and represents the last of the Northern White Rhinos in the world. Sudan, the only male of the trio passed away last year.  And the two remaining girls are infertile.  The fate of their species sealed.  It was on display in New York before making the San Antonio Zoo its final resting place.  The new girls, Nyota and Ophelia, are Southern White Rhinos.

In 1972, the San Antonio Zoo was the first in the nation to have a successful Rhino birth.  And hopefully, in the future, there will be more.  FUN FACT:  A rhino pregnancy is 16 months!

I am looking forward to visiting these girls every time we find ourselves at the zoo.  Which is often thanks to our yearly passes.  If the weekend comes around and we have no plans, we usually end up going for a walk, at the Zoo.  The boys get smoothies and popcorn.  We spend a good amount of our visit in the reptile house.  And of course, I get to take pictures of all the animals.  But the best part about visiting the zoo is spending time with the boys and learning as much as we can about all the animals.  We are going back again this weekend!

It won't be long before the boys are grown and off on their own and I hope that they always carry these memories with them.  Just like I do of my own childhood!  

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