March 25, 2019

Menu Plan: 3•25•19

Its been a little quiet around here.  But today is a new day and a new week and I am ready for it.  I think.  I mean I know.  I know I am ready for it.  OK!  Let's go.

Menu Plan

First up for the week, grocery shopping is done and my menu is planned.  My thought going into the week was "please God no more chicken!"  I don't usually get tired of bird, and I don't usually eat much of what I cook for the guys, but this month I have and I'm all poultry-d out. There is still a chicken dish in there.  A new to us recipe.  And I may still use turkey in the spaghetti.  Maybe.  So here is this weeks menu.


Garlic Bread

Beef and Broccoli
Cauliflower Rice

Ritz Pork Chops

Tuna Casserole

Beef and Broccoli

I'm so glad I got Dads beef and broccoli recipe from him all those years ago.  And I'm glad it is just like he used to make.  The man never used recipes so asking him for a recipe was always a gamble.  The boys like having beef and broccoli at home because they know there will be more beef than broccoli.  Unlike most restaurants that give you mostly "trees."

I hope everyone had a great weekend. We did a whole lot of nothing.  A trip to Sams Club, groceries, picking up around the house.  Oh!  And David got me a weed puller.  And I can't stop.  Crab Grass has taken over my yard and since Koopa the tortoise explores back here, its a chemical free zone.  But I'm getting too old for pulling weeds on my hands and knees so it was a much needed extra expense.  The only problem is I keep making piles of weeds and there are still so much more.  It's going to be a week long project. Or longer if I keep getting distracted and taking naps on the patio.  Thank God I haven't gotten the hammock out yet!  

Anyways.  Here's to tacking this week like a boss.  Happy Monday Y'all!

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