February 25, 2019

Menu Plan: 2•25•19

We now return to our regular programing.  David is off to work.  The boys are off to school.  And it must be Monday because I am off to the hospital for an appointment and labs in a little bit.  Can I get a do over?  I wasn't ready!!

No?  Fine!

Well then I'm going to get straight to the menu then so I can get this day started!  This weeks menu is more filling than most.  Alex must be hitting another growth spurt because he has eaten more in the last week than ever before.  And Anthony, well, hopefully he is growing too!  Keep your fingers crossed!

Lets take a look at what will be cooking up in my kitchen this week...

Lemon Pepper Turkey
Brown Rice Pilaf 

Baked Chicken Thighs
Brussels Sprouts

Sausage, Rice and Corn

Crispy Southwest Wraps

Clean out the Fridge/Leftover night

People often ask me if I have a specific diet that I follow.  I don't.  I do have a few diet restrictions but for the most part its just home cooking and what ever we feel like eating.  That being said, every meal gets modified for who is eating it.  David will eat smaller portion of carbs, I eat a smaller portion of protein, the boys eat a little bit of everything.   It's all about balance right?

We aren't following a low carb/ keto/ paleo or any of the many other diets out there.  Sure, a lot of our meals are recipes that would fit into one of those categories but only because we enjoy that recipe.  Some nights we eat super clean and other nights not so much.  And thats ok.

What about you?  Do you follow a specific diet?  Or do you just eat what you want? Whats on your menu this week?

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