September 10, 2018

Menu Plan {September 10th }

Its after 11pm on a Monday and I'm just now getting to my menu.  I had to delete what I had written yesterday when I started this post because I was pumped and talking about how I was going to show Monday who's boss.  Monday must have heart me talking trash...

The day started with a sick kid.  Which wouldn't have been such a bad thing, except Anthony had a doctors appointment and I had one right after him.  If you're quick enough, you can catch my Insta Stories and see how the day went.  If not, lets just say it was an interesting day for sure.  

I got home and we all went to our own rooms and crashed for a few hours.  I made dinner and crashed for a little bit again after that.  Monday showed no mercy!  Monday is Savage.

But I figured since I have it all planned I might as well share it.  Accountability and all that good stuff.  Adulting is hard y'all!  Here's this weeks menu!

Supper Club Fish (rolled over from last week)

Turkey Chili

Pizza Braids

Gigi's Chicken (testing out my new air fryer)

About that... leftovers?

I don't know how, but we never got around to making the fish last week so I did that today since it takes less than 30 mins and is so easy to throw together.  Not going to lie, I fed the boys and went back to sleep.  Don't worry, I made Davids plate and all he had to do was reheat it a little.  Wifely duties and all.  I'm kidding, I swear!

We are looking at a high of 82° and a 80% chance of rain so I think Chili will be perfect.  Plus it comes together real quick and I let it simmer for a while after that.  The house smells amazing and memories of cooking with my Dad always follow!  

Pizza braids are my attempt at impressing the boys.  They keep asking for "something else" when I ask them what they want for dinner.  I have gotten stuck in a rut.  I know its nothing special, but its something different, so fingers crossed!

I was recently gifted an air fryer and I knew the first thing I wanted to really cook in there is "Gigi's Chicken" Its a healthier version of the Teriyaki Chicken from Panda Express and we love it.  I linked to her video ( there are a few f bombs) But the chicken is the bomb too, so check it out!

Friday was supposed to be another stab at air frying.  I want to try a whole chicken, but the store was out and I forgot to go back, so there is a chance we will just wing it with leftovers.  Or my husband can run to the store to get me a chicken.  But by then I won't want it, and will have him pick something else up instead.   This my friends is why I plan my menus.  I guess we will just have to see what Friday brings!

Whats on your menu today!  Do any of y'all have an air fryer too?  What should I try and make next?  Shoot me some ideas down below :)

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