August 24, 2018

Whats up Weekend { August 24th }

Well, its Friday.  Just like that, we have made it to our very last weekend of Summer Break 2018.  The boys backpacks are packed full of fresh supplies.  Their closets have been purged and filled up again.  And one of two is actually excited to get back to school.  Ill take it! Now I just need to fill up the fridge and pantry.  Again.

I am ready for the new school year.  As much as I hate that 5:45 alarm, I love having a schedule to stick to.  I mentioned earlier this week that I feel like our memory buckets were filled this Summer and I think that has a lot to do with it too.  Usually I dread going back to school.  We packed a lot of fun and adventure into this summer.  And now I'm ready for our next adventure!  Which comes in the shape of 4th and 8th grade.  But first we need to get this weekend started.

Today I'm linking up with Lindsay from The Flynnigans, Charlotte from My Pixie Blog and Beth from Coffee until Cocktails.  Every Friday we share all the things that we are happy, grateful and thankful for!  Stop on over and see what everyone else is sharing today! Here is my list for this week!
  1. Getting back in the kitchen.  I need some new recipes to try...
  2. Im still going though all our vacation photos.   
  3. Having in laws who are awesome Grandparents.
  4. Alex got another great teacher this year. 
  5. Anthony met his teachers and his anxiety has come down!
  6. Friday Night Lights.  Man, that Coach Taylor...
  7. Working on picking battles.  I'm not great at it, but I'm trying.
  8. Slowly getting back into a schedule again. 
  9. Popcorn.  Yes, popcorn makes me happy.  Don't judge me!
  10. Planning our next getaway.  Will we be able to wait till November?

I was debating on taking the boys to the pool today.  We were spoiled at Auntie Cindys and don't really feel like sharing a pool with the rest of the community.  They kinda just want to stay in and play video games.  Which works too because I really do have a ton of things to do around here.  I'm just craving some sunshine and water.  I am looking forward to a weekend full of mostly relaxing and only a little panicking over back to school things.  Maybe we can just hit the beach for Labor Day Weekend.

I know some of your kids have already gone back to school and some don't start until after labor day but how do you guys prepare for another school year?  Are you the parent who has school supplies bought months before?  Any procrastinators out there?  I mean as long as it gets done right?  Also remember back in the day when we showed up to school with paper, pencils and Lisa Frank folders? My, how things have changed!  

Have a great Friday everyone!


  1. I buy supplies as soon as I have a list and supplies are out. I’d rather be done than battle other parents the week before school!

    1. Yeah...hangs head. LOL. I always say I'm going to do that and it never happens. Maybe next year!!