August 17, 2018

Texas to Alabama Recap

Vacation #2 is over!  I think I'm starting to come to terms with the fact that its already the end of Summer break.  I am going to miss sleeping in, but Id like to think that we managed to fill our memory buckets to the brink so its time to move on to the next season!

My little brother is officially an married man!  The wedding was beautiful.  My sister in law was a stunning bride.  And we had an amazing weekend with family and friends.

Look how happy he is!!

My birthday was one I will never forget!  I have never been one for big celebrations.  Actually the last time I celebrated I was 15 and visiting my sister then too!  There was cake, a birthday serenade before everyone left the Lodge, then a failed hike that was made up for with naps and an amazing steak dinner.  The sun set that night and I was 36 and blessed!

There was more celebrating to come the next night.  Food, family, singing, dancing. This wedding not only brought me a sister in law but I claim the rest of them too!

The drive was beautiful!  The closer we got to Alabama, the bigger and greener the trees got.  I know its silly,  but I freaking love trees!  In my neck of the woods they tend to bulldoze everything and then stick in little baby trees when they are done building houses and stuff.  So most of them are fairly small in comparison. Plus we are in drought so things aren't as green!

And now we are back and I am trying to get the whole house back in order before school starts.  I have a week and a half.  Just enough time to purge closets, fill them up again and get back on a bedtime routine!  I have to schedule a few appointments and get somethings done around the house quick because I know once school starts, the rest of the year flies bye!

Im looking forward to catching up with all that I missed and getting back to things here on the blog.  I have so much to share and all that fresh air I got has my brain refreshed and ready to go!  Next week I will get with the program!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Summer!  Did anyone do anything fun?  I want to hear all about it!  Where did you go?  What did you do?  What was your favorite part of the whole thing?!

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