July 2, 2018

Weekend Adventures: Staying Dry with Degree

This post is sponsored by Degree Women but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Summers in Texas are brutal.  And this is coming from a sun loving island girl.  I was born and raised just a few hundred miles from the equator.  That's supposed to be hot. I guess when they say "Everything is bigger in Texas," that includes the sun.

Since I am unable to drive the boys and I have to get a little creative when it comes to our weekday adventures.  Luckily we have amazing friends next door, and here in the neighborhood.  The pool is only a walk away and Grandmas house is even closer than that!  But on the weekends when David is home, that's when we really live up that Summer Life.  But we really try to balance it out and make sure that we get outside even if it's just for a little bit.  And as long as we have some sunscreen, water, and good antiperspirant, we always manage to find something fun to do.  This weekend wasn't any different.

This weekend we discovered the boys really enjoy bowling.  We took them once on Saturday and then we ended up at a different bowling alley on Sunday because they just couldn't get enough.  By the time we were leaving, they were talking about signing up for a league and buying their own balls.  I thought bowling was supposed to be easy but I worked up a good sweat trying not to lose. For what its worth, David and I tied the first game, but he blew me out of the water the second time around.

As good as the air conditioning was feeling, I was looking forward to some outside time.

Right across from the bowling alley is one of our favorite parks.  They have paved trails we used to walk when they were little.  Now that they are older we like to get off the pavement and make our way down some of the more adventurous rock trails.

The plan was to stay on the sidewalk this time, but then Alex saw a deer and so we ended up taking a long way back so we wouldn't scare them.  Except there were only more in the woods.  At one point we just froze and waited for them to pass.  I was trying so hard to stay still but could feel the sweat dripping down my face and then Alex chose that moment to ask if deer were carnivores.  Turns out, the deer weren't even fazed by my laughter.  So we just kept on with our little walk. Nothing too wild but just enough for the motion sense technology of my deodorant to kick in.  Technology in deodorant?  Who knew!?  It actually gives me a burst of protection when I'm moving.

This dry spray deodorant goes on dry and gives you 48-hour protection from wetness and odor. But my favorite part is that it doesn't leave stains.  I will be the first to admit that 75% of my clothes are black.  Degree Ultra Clear Black + White Dry Spray Deodorant leaves no white stains behind. Or those pesky yellow stains on white shirts!

Are you looking for some extra protection?  Find out more HERE.  Need this in your life as much as I do?  No worries, you can find Degree Ultra Clear Black + White Dry Spray Deodorant in your local Walmart!  Grab some for yourself then get out there and get your sweat on!

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What do your weekends look like?  Do you prefer to stay inside or are you like me and need to get out in the sunshine and fresh air?  Let me know below!


  1. I’ve never tried a spray deodorant but I get the appeal. I’m into Schmidt’s lately but that’s neither here nor there. ;)

  2. It was fun reading your post. It is always great to plan weekends with interesting activities for children.

  3. That bowling alley looks amazing!!! We have an old one that is in dire need of a reno!!!

  4. We both have something in common. "WE LOVE WEEKENDS"

  5. I love using deodorants I never fail to stock up on them, this definitely looks like a good product, I will try it sometime.

  6. I used to always use spray deodorant but I haven't found one that's aluminum-free I'd love to find one that's aluminum-free