June 6, 2018

June Mantras and Goals

June is finally here and you know what that means!  SUMMER BREAK!  Oh man, its so close I can taste it.  What does Summer taste like?  S'mores, watermelon, and popsicles.  That's what our Summers taste like.

Last summer we totally winged it.  As the boys have grown, they have decided they don't want to do Summer Bucket Lists anymore.  I have one in my notebook anyways.  Becuase they are fun!  And checking things off makes me feel like we actually made the most of our break.  I will share it later but for now, let's talk June!

Mantras for the month


These two seemed fitting.  Not only are we going to Disney World, but isn't summer all about letting your worries go and having fun?!  That's my plan anyway! We are going to live it up this summer!  Sunshine and Adventures galore!

  • Be more patient and present.
  • Be at least 75% ready for our trip by the end of the month.
  • Spend more time in the sun and in the water.
  • Reevaluate and refocus on my diet. Not a total fail, but not a win either
  • Write and tuck a few posts away for the summer.
  • One good purge of the bedrooms.
  • Fall back in love with Instagram. I posted more but I could do better.


Read 5 Books.
This should be easy.  Between the road trip and relaxing, I should be able to knock these out quick.  If I can just decide what books to read first.  Summer books are always light and fun.  Am I the only one whos reading choices change with the seasons?

Take more photos with the boys.
The only reason I think I can actually do this is since Disney is the land of photo opportunity.  I get such a kick out of the photos off the rides.  And you know we are going to be taking photos with all our favorite characters and things!  I got this one for sure!

Entertain Alexs idea of a vlog.
This kid and his love of YouTube.  I told him we would talk about sharing our trip through videos and he was the happiest kid ever.  He's such a ham.  So who knows, maybe there will be some videos coming up.  And you will all get to see just how crazy we are!

Celebrate 19 years.
We were just babies when we decided to give this thing a real go.  I was all of 16 years old and really didn't think a little kissing at a party would lead us down this wild road.  But it did.  There isn't anyone else I can imagine doing life with!  

Plant something and not kill it.
Ok, So a friend of mine helped me with my front yard garden.  It's now full of Aloe and Agave.  But Its missing something.  I want some color.  And I want the color to last more than a few weeks.  I love gardening, but I suck at it.  Maybe I will get some flowers for the backyard...  

Get summer presents bought.
Summer is a busy time for birthday and celebrations.  There are 6 birthdays and my baby brother is getting married.  So I need to get to it.  I have a few presents in mind so that helps.  I have ZERO ideas on what to get David for his birthday.  He says there isn't anything he needs but there has to be something.

Do you have any goals for the month or the Summer?  Share them below!  
Happy June Everyone!

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