June 26, 2018

Dear Mr. Bad Apple

Dear Mr. Bad Apple

When I walked by you, I didn't notice you.  I didn't see you.  I didn't hear you.  I had just come off of a ride with my boys and my heart was so happy.  But my son saw you.  He heard you too.  And the words you spit out as we walked past, grabbed his happiness and stomped on it.

Yes you,  Sir.  Sitting there with your wife.  Talking about my body!

MY BODY!  Not yours.  Even though your body is the only one you have any say in.  The only one you should criticize.  The only one you should be worried about.

I wish you could have felt the confusion in my heart when my thirteen year old son screamed at me to stop walking.

I wish you could have seen the hurt and anger that I saw in his eyes.

I wish you could have tasted the sourness that rose in my throat when he repeated what you said about me.

I wish you never feel the pain I felt hearing those words though.  I won't deny it, hearing that hurt my heart.  But most of all, your words hurt my child.

He tried to stop me when I turned and walked back to talk to you.  My youngest, well, he asked his dad to have words with you.  But the man I married is calm, kind and respectful. He knew I had everything under control.

By the time I walked over to you, I had gotten over the fact that your judgment hurt my feelings.  I was upset that what you said upset my son.  And when I asked for an apology, your WIFE told me not to worry because you were talking about someone else.  Like that would make it better,

Shame on her too.  For sweeping your awful behavior under the rug.  Like its OK to talk about another woman because she didn't hear you?

As we were walking away, my youngest asked me if maybe Disney had lost its Magic.  I had been talking to them for months about how amazing and wonderful it is.  And you made him question that with your not so magical mouth.

No son.  Disney will always be magical.  But some people just aren't special enough to see it.  He thinks maybe you had one too many poison apples.  I think I will agree with him on that!

Wishing you nothing but happiness,

Me.  The one, in the bright pink pants and a black tank top that you chose to laugh at.  The mom who was trying so hard to show her boys just how magical Disney World can be.  The woman with liver disease who was pushing herself to enjoy this trip just in case its the last.  The human with enough grace to hope the rest of your day was magical too.

David snapped this picture of me on Day 3.  I had just come back from having a little cry in the bathroom.  I was in so much pain and wanted to tap out. But you don't go to EPCOT and not stay for the Fireworks.  So I splashed some water on my face and sat myself down for a few minutes.  I was struggling but in typical Kim fashion, I slapped on a smile and got on with it.  The fireworks were worth it.  It all was.

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