May 8, 2018

May Mantras and Goals

May?  How is it already May?  I was confused for a second because I was sure it was just February.  But then I smiled and remembered that May is a good month and it brings a lot of excitement with it this year! I haven't linked up with my Peaceful Posse for a Goals and Mantras so Im excited to share today.


Last weekend, after yet another Date Night, David and I stopped to get something to eat.  A lady sat down at the table next to us with 2 young boys.  My guess would be about 10 and 5.  The little one spilled his drink and this lady lost her mind.  

She picked the boy up and tilted his head toward the floor while screaming "look what you did" and just like that the happiness I was feeling was replaced by complete heartbreak. I wanted to scoop him up and tell him that I understood how he was feeling and that he would be ok.  All these childhood feelings rushed back to me and I hated that he was now feeling them too.  And then she dropped him back in the seat and when he cried she got in his face and told him to "shut the f up!"  The heartbreak turned to anger when she turned around with fake ass smile and politely apologized to the employee for the spill.  I left, sick to my somach.  I wish I would have said something.
That scene set me back a bit.  No, it knocked me on my ass.  Have I been to rough on my boys?  Have I given them patience and kindness?  Have we had more good times than bad?  I tell you, they have been pushing my buttons left and right, but have I handled myself with grace?  I think most days I do ok.  David told me that when he comes home, I am usually ready to tap out.  It's true.  So I have been working on it.  Being able to be not just a stay at home mom, but a present mom is such a blessing.  I am here when they wake up and when they go to bed.  We have 1 or 2 meals together a day and I try to keep up with all their interest. I love to play with them, read to them, and just be around them.  But I could be better about it.  This month I will be.

  • Be more patient and present.
  • Be at least 75% ready for our trip by the end of the month.
  • Spend more time in the sun and in the water.
  • Reevaluate and refocus on my diet.
  • Write and tuck a few posts away for the summer.
  • One good purge of the bedrooms.
  • Fall back in love with Instagram.

This month, Anthony will be celebrating his 13th Birthday.  My baby is growing up.  And as crazy as his life has been, he has a solid heart of gold.  And a strength in him that amazes me every single day.

This month also marks year 8 on the liver transplant list and even though I lose sight of it sometimes, this isn't such a bad thing.  The waiting is hard.  But knowing that I have been healthy enough for these last 8 years to be home with my family is a great thing.  I don't know how long it will last so I always try to be thankful for it while it lasts!

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What is May bringing you?  Do you have goals set out for the month?  Or a mantra to share? Id love to hear them!  I hope May brings you happiness and laughter.  Because laughter is life!

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