March 2, 2018

Whats up Weekend { March 2nd }

Happy Friday.  And Happy March.  How did that even happen?  I feel like the year just started and we are already 3 months in.  Time is just in a rush this year I guess.

We all know Fridays around here are for sharing all the good from the week.  The things that made us happy.  Moments that made us smile.  All all the things we are grateful and thankful for this week.  This week was actually a great one.  This week the brain fog has been a little wild, and we have been dealing with asthma and allergies but it has still been a great week.

Today got away from me.  But I did manage to get all my library books back on time.  I walked to school and got all my steps in and played outside until I had to come in and get dinner started.  And now I am relaxing on the patio and realized I hadn't gotten to my post for today.

Today I am only sharing one thing.  One thing that has given me so much happiness and lifted so much weight off my heart this week.

This kid, this picture, made my whole week.

Anthony, smiling, laughing and lighthearted.  I would give anything to see this side of him more often.  As I walked home that morning all I could think was how happy I was to see him like that.  

Last weekend we were in the car and I told him that I was so proud of him.  His thought I was joking.   He rolled his eyes and asked, " why?"  So I explained.

I am proud of you for always doing you no matter what anyone else thinks.  

I am proud of you for going to school every morning knowing someone will tease you or laugh at you.  

I'm proud of you for focusing on your school work and always trying your best.  I know how hard it is when you are so aware of and trying to control your tics.

I'm proud of you for making good choices when so many of your peers are not.

I am proud of the kind and respectful young man you have become.

Every morning when I watch you get on the bus I am so inspired by your courage.  

And every night I am taken back by how much you have grown.  Gone is my little raspy voiced boy who needed me by his side.  And in his place is a young man who is itching for a little more independence and trust.  

I see you son. And yes, I am so incredibly proud of you!  

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What is everyone up to this weekend?  I still need to finish painting Anthonys room.  Id like to get out and let the boys run off some energy before we head over to a BBQ with friends.  I also have to get some groceries.  I have some new recipes I will be trying out and can't wait to share them with you guys. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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