March 15, 2018

Spring Break Book Haul

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If the boys could have it there way, they would be hooked up to electronics the whole week.  The would occasionally pause to stuff some food in their mouth or take the fastest bathroom break known to man, but they could and would play games all. day.  long!  But thankfully I am able to pull them over from the dark side for a few hours to do something to break up some of that screen time.


In this house, reading is a requirement.  One of course that I don't really have to force on them because they do love reading.  But sometimes they are a little invested in a game and don't want to quit just yet, so that is why I say required.  Yes, they do play video games.  Maybe more than some kids.  But during the school week, they are not allowed to play so when they are on break they enjoy it.

Go figure, I chose a cookbook as one of mine.  I haven't looked through it yet, but fingers crossed there are some good recipes in there.  Shes still here was on the new books shelf.  And Anthony gave me We are all Shipwrecks and said: "this sounds like something you would read!"  I really hope he was going by the cover and he didn't read the flap.  Heres what good reads has to say about these two!

She's Still There: Rescuing the Girl in You

 4.41  ·   Rating details ·  519 Ratings  ·  131 Reviews
What’s a woman to do if her life is not taking shape the way that she thought that it would? What happens when she looks at herself in the mirror, lingering just a little longer than usual and realizes that she no longer recognizes the person staring back at her? What does she do when she sees that, somehow, her life has drifted away from all her original hopes, dreams, or plans?

We Are All Shipwrecks: A Memoir

 3.86  ·   Rating details ·  257 Ratings  ·  54 Reviews
A mother's murder. Her daughter's redemption. And the complicated past that belongs to them both.

Kelly always knew that her family was different. She knew that most children didn't live with their grandparents, and their grandparents didn't own porn stores. Her classmates didn't sleep on a boat in the marina and she knew their next-door neighbors weren't drug addicts and johns. What Kelly didn't know was if she would become part of the dysfunction that surrounded her. Would she sink into the depths of harbor life? Or would she end up alone and dead on Hollywood Boulevard like her mother had years before?

Anthony found some super interesting books.  He isn't as excited about reading as Alex but like me, he loves to read at bedtime.  And when he gets into a book he can't stop reading.  He was hoping to find a certain book but the library doesn't have it in stock, so we put in our first request for a book.  Fingers crossed they order it!
SOAR is about a boy who is a huge baseball fan and after heart surgery, he is told he can no longer play!

SLIDER is about a kid who enters an eating contest to win back the money he accidentally spent on his mom's credit card.

Alex chose a cookbook as well.  He is my kid and just loves cookbooks.  He is a little more methodical in choosing books though.  He always insists on looking them up on the computer, writing down and then running his finger along the shelves until he finds them.  Its hillarious to watch.  The way his face scrunches up and he whispers authors as he passes them.  Part of me thinks he just likes being able to use a computer.  I tell the boys to get a fun book and then to see if they can find a book they can learn something from.  Alex always cracks me up with his finds.

They didn't have the Minecraft book he wanted so he went with Captain Underpants instead.  Underpants and a Turbo Toilet....yeah, that sounds like something he will love.  Then he found the cookbook.  I can't wait to see what he chooses to make out of this.  Sugar will be flowing.  Last but not least, he found a filmmaking book that he says will help him with his Youtube videos.  No, he doesn't have an actual channel yet, but he plans to! He makes videos almost daily to practice.  Practice makes perfect right!

We had planned on actually working out and going for a swim while we were at the Y, but didn't make it past the library.  It happens.  We made it out of the house, so let's just call it good!

What are you reading or what have you read lately?  I have a long list of books on my to-read shelf but I always forget to check it when I'm at the library.  

All this talking about books has me itching to crack open my books.  I just set up the hammock in the yard too.  If anyone needs me, you know where to find me. 

Happy Thursday!

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