January 8, 2018

Menu Plan { January 8th }

The first menu plan of the new year!  I know we are a week in but I needed a week to right myself because the holidays always throw me off.  Or more so the holiday food. Its probably a good idea I didn't share what we ate last week.  New Week.  New Menu!

It looks like its going to be an easy week around here.  Which I am thankful for.  No Doctors for me.  I do have to do labwork, but that's easy stuff.  Dentist for Alex, which is easy stuff too since, the kid LOVES the dentist.  Aside from still trying to get back into a nightly routine, it should be smooth.  And the menu, while it does have 2 new recipes on it, will still be pretty quick and easy.  

Shrimp and Sausage Skillet
Yellow Rice

Chicken Tacos

Leftovers / Clean out the Fridge

Chicken and Broccoli (Just swapping out chicken for beef in this recipe)
Cauliflower Rice

Baked Barbecue Chicken

Lemon Pepper Turkey
Brown Rice Pilaf

A little bit of everything this week.  I'm really excited for some shrimp tonight.  These days just about any meat has me in a mess of hurt. But I'm hoping that shrimp won't be so bad.  I will have to skip the sausage though.  Then its pretty much poultry the rest of the week.  I'm so thankful to have guys who will eat anything I put in front of them.  Oh, wait!  Last week we did hit a bit of a snag.  Anthony could not finish his asparagus, even though he loves asparagus.  Want to know why?  He could taste the coconut oil on it!  Its one of the few things he just can't eat. 

Who else is menu planning with me?!  Whats on your menu for the week?  If you need some ideas check out the link up below!

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