December 28, 2017

Goodbye 2017

My favorite thing about New Years, besides midnight kisses and fireworks, is the fresh start that comes with it.  Sure there are some mixed emotions each year.  I get sad that a whole year has passed and there is no getting it back.  But I am hopeful and excited for new adventures and the future.

This year is proving to be no different.  There are just a few days left it 2017 and I'm wondering if I made the most of this year.  Did I stick to my resolutions and stay true to my word of the year?  Or did I make one to many excuses and not push myself hard enough.  Yes to it all.  True story, I'm nowhere near perfect.  But I try.  That's my usual reply to so many things.  " I try!"  

When a friend tells me that I'm a lifesaver.  "I try" 

When the girl at the bus stop tells me I'm a good mom I tell her  "I try!"

When David asks me if I cleaned today.... Uhhh " I tried!?" 

When the doctor says I am losing weight?  "I'm trying!"

But did I try enough?  I think so. I failed at a few things but nothing life changing.

I tried to forgive someone and realized we might be past that point.

I tried to understand choices some people make and I just can't.

I tried to go to bed earlier, but that's impossible. And I have drs notes to prove it.

So what about 2018?  What will it bring me?  What will I try to accomplish?  What will I fail at? I'm still not settled on a word for the new year.  I have a short list of resolutions that I will share next week.  But overall I think its going to be a fun and exciting year!

How are you feeling about the end of the year?  Did you stick to your resolutions and accomplish all you planned to in 2017?  What are you looking forward to most in the new year?

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