November 30, 2017

Family, Food and Football with #HormelGatherings

“I received free product in exchange for my honest review.”

Thanksgiving for me is about two things.  Family and Food.  Ask any of the guys around here what they love most about Thanksgiving and I am 90% sure they will say Football.  The other 10% thinks they will probably say food.  Growing boys are all about food!

Last week, little brother and his family drove down and I finally got to meet his two youngest children. His oldest daughter is my mini me!  They also brought along a surprise.  My oldest sisters youngest son.  This Thanksgiving was all about cousins.  Don't get me wrong, I was so happy to see my bother and his fiancĂ©e, but seeing our kids play made my heart ridiculously happy.  I love being an auntie and my boys LOVE seeing their cousins!

Thanksgiving was spent in the kitchen and around the table.  My little sister and her fiance came over as well and Grandma and Grandpa! I think we ate turkey for 2 days straight.  There was so much food!  And pie!  We colored, played cards and stayed up late talking for hours!  We did take a day and get out for a bit.  The Zoo is kind of our thing.  Dad loved taking us to the Zoo.  I remember sitting on his shoulders listening to him tell me all kinds of crazy facts about the animals.  I do the same thing with my boys now.  Except I can't carry them on my shoulders anymore!

When we got home, it was time for some football!  Nephew #1 graduated from Auburn last year so we were hoping they would do better than the Cowboys did on Thanksgiving!  War Eagle!  Or at least thats what I think they say.  I don't know much about football.  But I DO know a little about football food.  Nothing is better and easier than HORMEL GATHERINGS® Party Trays.

I love cooking, but I love spending time with family even more.  So I grabbed a few party trays to hold the guys over while I hung out with the kids!  And to get us through a few rounds of cards afterwards!  

With options like salami, pepperoni, ham and turkey, there is something for everyone.  Add in Sargento Cheese and some round crackers and call it a win!  The Supreme Trays have olives as well.  The best part is that everything is done for you.  Already cut up and sliced.  Just add people!

You can serve them in the tray or on a platter.  I like to lay them out on a board and set in on the table or the bar.  As soon as I set it down the kids were asking for "Cracker sandwiches!"  You heard it here, Auntie Kim makes the best cracker sandwiches in town.  Just don't tell them yet that all the credit goes to these party trays.  And before I knew it, there was nothing but crumbs left.  I couldn't help but smile and lay out more.

Thats what Thanksgiving is all about.  Spending time with your family and friends.  Laughing. Eating.  Gathering! 

Have you tried HORMEL GATHERINGS® Party Trays yet?  Pick one up for your next gathering and spend more time with your family and friends!

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