October 15, 2017

Menu Plan Monday: October 16th

Another week, another menu!
Last weeks favorite dinner: Buffalo Chicken Tenders
I'm kinda digging the whole shopping on Saturdays instead of waiting will the end of Sundays and rushing. David is probably reading this and saying "I told you so!" The boys spent the Friday night at Grandmas, so we had most of Saturday to ourselves. Slept in, took a trip to the zoo so I could get more snake pictures for a post next week, stopped by the Thai Market and then to get groceries, all with out any complaints.

Nani Falcone Park
Green trees and a blue sky make for a perfect Sunday!
Sunday morning was spent lounging around. Eventually we got out and took a trip to the library and then to the park. It takes so much to wear these boys down. They just never stop. We got to see Aunty Booger and her dog Panda too, so that was fun. Sunday Fundays!

I didn't get to making the Curry Meatballs last week.  I couldn't find the right curry paste in the store. Then I remembered the new Thai Market and of course we found some there this weekend. The Mushrooms and the other Meatballs on Friday will help me knock out my goal to try 4 new recipes this month!  Boom.  And yes, we are having meatballs twice this week. Mostly because the boys love meatballs, Im willing to be it's more so for their name than anything else. Boys. Somedays I can't even with them! Other days I can't help but laugh with them. As long as they eat right?!

  • Chicken Tacos

We eat a lot of bird y'all. But I don't eat red meat anymore other than a burger here and there. And the last time I was going to buy some steak for tacos, David about had a heart attack at the price of it.  He's used to chicken prices HAHA! And we like pork chops, but the boys favorite way to have it... fried. Mmmmm. But not much gets fried around here anymore, so pork isn't something we buy often either. Just chicken and turkey. Almost always chicken and turkey. Does it get old? Yes, but nothing a variety in flavor cant fix.

Whats on your menu this week? Chicken? What ever it is, I hope its good!

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