September 4, 2017

Menu Plan: September 4th

I have survived the first week of Back to School!  It was a little touchy the first few days.  Wednesday had me thinking I was about to be down for the count, but I rallied and made it through the week.  I decided I would take the first week to go back on my meds twice daily and decided to skip the gym that week.  And I'm pretty sure that change kinda threw a kink in things.  But week 2 will be all about getting it all to work together.

The original plan for Labor Day Weekend was to head back to the beach, but that wasn't possible due to all the damage from Hurricane Harvey.  So we watched our video from last year and said a prayer for all of the families and people who were affected by the storm. I can't say it enough, our hearts hurt for them all but our hearts are also amazed. Seeing people coming together and helping out of the goodness of their hearts. Texas pride. I get it now.  And its amazing!

So I'm going to start this week out on the right foot. My menu is done and since David is home we are shopping today, after we run out to buy a printer and go to the movies.  Then its straight home. There is a gas shortage after all.  Its crazy y'all!

We were at a loss for dinner tonight. I'm 75% sure we will be making Pancit but I have a feeling that might change last minute. My appetite has run off with my sleep so I have been a little indecisive, especially over food.  The rest of the menu is set, but I'm just now sure I want Pancit or not.

These Simple Salisbury Steaks are always a hit with the boys.  I think mostly because its one of the few times we have mashed potatoes.  

The new recipe is the One Pot Cheesy Jalapeno Chicken. I tried asking David for suggestions for dinner this week.  His reply was anything that isn't called "Garlic" or  "Butter" something or other. Apparently I have been making a lot of these things. I don't know why that's a bad thing either, but, I tried to look for something. This recipe caught my attention just by the pictures. And yes, there is garlic in it, but I'm not telling. You better not either!

Thursday we are back to swim, so I needed something super easy and quick they could eat after school and that would settle before swim.  Now that I think about it, I wonder if its a little heavy? Spaghetti, two hours before swimming should be ok.... right?

And Friday I am sure we will have plenty of leftovers to clear out. Just like that we have eaten our way through another week. 

I still have to figure out lunches.  The boys had said they wanted to avoid sandwiches as much as they could this year. (The say this every year) So we got them each a thermos, and all they ask for is sandwiches.  Anyone have any ideas of what to put in a thermos?  Not going to lie, I have never used one for food, so Im at a loss.  Alex did take leftover chili on day, and loved it but said Chili isn't "lunch food" What ever that means.  Id love some suggestions!

Ok Monday!  Lets do this!

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