September 28, 2017

F is not just for Fall Cleaning

**Warning: Fall Cleaning isn't the only F word in todays post**

A few weeks ago after a nice work out, Grandma and I decided to browse the library. Thinking we would enjoy a few more minutes of air conditioning before walking out to the oven car. And as we were walking up and down the isles, pulling out a book here and there to see if its something we might be interested in, she noticed a patterned. You guys, the F word is everywhere!

It all started with the cook book Thug Kitchen. Have you heard of it. Its a cookbook filled with lots of great vegan recipes and even more F bombs.

In the next isle we were looking at self care books. There were some on meditation, yoga, exercise and thats where we found F*uck Feelings. I had to confess that the last time we were in the book store, David and I flipped through this on.

We continued on to pull out a few decorating books, there was one on knitting that we both agreed we had no clue how to do. I looked through a few pages of a green cleaning book with lots of great tips on how to kick chemical cleaners out.

And then I found this gem!

Calling to me! "Kim, you are a hot mess! I know what you are really avoiding is going home and having to clean up the house!!" I almost hung my head. Yes, that was a bit true. Don't get me wrong, one of the things I love about our little house is that it really doesn't take a lot of work to keep up with. But as the boys get older it seems we are acquiring more "stuff" and everywhere I look there is a pile of something. After a few days of reading this, I hauled off a bag full of trash and one full of donations out of the boys room.

And I can't just put it on the boys. David and I are awful. Read David. Amazon is dropping off little brown boxes almost weekly. A new wire, a new charger, coffee mugs, knives, books and don't even get me started in on the mans obsession with phone chargers and shoes. For David its boxes and for me its laundry. Why do I put my clean shirts on my dresser instead of in the damned drawer right away. Its an awful habit. Im working on it though. By getting rid of everything I don't wear!

Last week I tore apart our closet. Packed up some books to keep, some to donate. Why do I have two footballs still in the box in my closet?  Why does David have a box full or random wires? I pulled almost everything off hangers on my section, because lets be honest, I really only need clothes to go to the gym, pick up and drop off kids and weekend clothes. One of the perks to being an almost housebound chronically ill stay at home mom.

I added two more bags to the donation pile. And then I took a few days break because if you know me, I made a bigger mess than I started with and cleaning up after yourself is hard y'all! Im still trying to catch up and figure out what to do with the stuff Im keeping.  Hey, the book says to take breaks OK!

Yes, the book.  Chapter one is titled: Nice ass, now get off of it.  And I was all "yes sir!" There are checklists galore, room by room cleaning guides and some super quick mini challenges to get you started. I think all the F bombs really drive the point home. Clean all the things!!

My favorite chapter was the on on Emergency UnF*cking. My house is never cleaner than when someone calls and says they will be here in 10.  Unless you are in the inner circle in which, I will answer the door in a t-shirt and then walk my butt back to the couch where we will bing watch tv or sit on the patio and talk about everything or nothing at all. But seriously, just give me a heads up so I can run through the house like a mad woman to get all our crap back where it belongs, run the duster over a few things, change out my scentsy and clean up my kitchen real quick. Is that to much to ask for?

According to David, he can tell how angry I am by how clean the house is. What does he know?! He is also the anti social one who says we really should invite more people over so that the house stays cleaner! No hes not being a jerk, he is just a neat freak. Plus when we met in high school he knew my room was always clean. What he didn't know was that we had a maid! When we left home and got our first apartment, well, I tried! HA! Seriously though, I try to stay on top of things. I try not to leave a room with out taking something out of it that doesn't belong there.  Wash dishes as I make them. Like the book says "Housework is a pain in the ass and its rarely fun. But it isn't hard!" Just get er done!

Are you a clean every day kinda person or a binge cleaner? 

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