July 3, 2017

Menu Plan Monday-ish

True story. When I woke up this morning I freaked out because I thought it was Monday and there was someone cutting the grass out back. Then I managed to get myself thinking it was Saturday. Except I was still wrong and it was Sunday. Don't judge me, my brain is mushy. So yes, I said I was moving my menu to Sundays. And yes, technically it's Monday. Eh! It happens. And I haven't got to bed yet to its sorta kinda still Sunday!

This week menu is all sorts of just thrown together. I need to clean out the freezer and use up some of the meat in there. So this is what we came up with.

Now that I have my days straight, Taco Tuesday got moved to Monday because Tuesday is the 4th of July. Burgers and Dogs are a must that day.  This Mozzarella Chicken is a great weekday dinner. Quick and easy. It isn't breaded so its not quite the classic Parmesan dish. The BBQ Chicken Salad was Davids idea! I kid you not, he picked a salad.  Just by the look of it in the book. Of course when we were shopping he was all "Wait. what are the black beans and BBQ sauce for?" I know its going to taste good because I have loved everything else I have tried from Damn Delicious. But here's to hoping its also filling enough to satisfy these guys!

So lets hear it! What's on your menu this week? Are you doing anything special for the 4th? It is my second favorite holiday. I don't go all out as far as decorating and all things red, white and blue. But its our Independence Day, who wouldn't want to celebrate that. We used to have the coolest celebrations back home. I guess it holds good memories. Plus fireworks are cool! 

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