April 10, 2017

Menu Plan Monday: April 10

New Monday.  New Menu.  New Goals.

Sitting down a little late today.  Today has been busy.  But that means I have already started my goals list.  I also hit my steps and won a giveaway all before noon.  I needed a Monday like today. Badly!

My menu is a little lacking.  But my appetite is gone and trying to plan meals when nothing sounds good, is so hard.  I got it done though.  Was supposed to go grocery shopping but went to pick up the puppies instead. They got fixed today. Which means they could be gone by this weekend. All the feels right now.  But lets start with food.


MONDAY:  Roast chicken and veggies.

TUESDAY:  Tacos.  (Its been a long time and I'm so excited)

WEDNESDAY:   Beef and Broccoli.

THURSDAY:  Sausage, rice and corn.

FRIDAY:  Supper club fish with cauliflower and salads.

Nothing new or exciting but I had zero interest in anything else.  When you scroll through Pinterest and nothing looks good, there's something wrong with you.  I think I have finally reached the point where I know everything is going to make me nauseous so I just don't get hungry. I do make myself a little plate so that I know I am eating, so there's that.

  1. Mow and edge the front.  Got that done today.  BOOM!
  2. Get my pictures up on the wall.  Didn't get to it last week.
  3. Puppy Training. They got sit, but leash training has been tough.
  4. Naps. Naps. More naps.  Didn't sleep much the past few days.
  5. Finish in the top 3 of our FitBit Challenge.  Currently in 2nd.
  6. Take my meds every day.  Even if that means after school.
I'm not trying to pile stuff on this week.  Last weekend was busy enough and next weekend is shaping up to be just as busy. Mostly I want to take it easy. That was the plan for today and then next thing I know, I am mowing the yard and pulling weeds in the rain. So for the rest of the week, I am keeping it pretty low key.  I do need to go grocery shopping tomorrow but then I will be home.

The puppies are home and sleeping off their anesthesia. Trying to keep those two calm all week will be fun.  I just hope no one needs a cone.

What's on your menu this week?  Anyone trying any new recipes out or know of one I should try?

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