March 13, 2017

No Menu Monday. Happy Spring Break!!

One day into Spring Break and all the plans have gone out the window.  I mean there is food in the house so no one is going to be starving or anything, but the plan for this week is to do what we want.  David is home all week too.  We should be able to get into all sorts of trouble this week!  The good kind.

Today we ran errands while the boys stayed home with Grandma.  Started the day at the car shop, had a nice lunch, dropped of donations, went to 2 stores for different dog foods, sent off a package and got a few things we needed to get through this week. Plus I bought some chicken and things for a salad for dinner tonight. I cooked the chicken, mixed it all up and only then realized that the dressing had gone bad. I just opened it, so I assumed it was fine.  A whole bowl of salad, ruined.

But then this happened.  

Growing up, my dad was the one who did the cooking.  He cooked almost everything from scratch and never wrote his recipes down.  One of the very first things he bought Anthony was an apron. And he asked me to make sure that they spent time in the kitchen with me the way I did with him.

We have checked this kids cookbook out from the library a handful of times and tonight, when my salad went horribly wrong, he stepped in and made dinner.  Even if we had to eat a few of them to fill our bellies, my heart was so happy watching him go.  Yes, the boys cut with real knives and cook on a hot stove, but always with supervision.  Last Friday, Anthony made tuna casserole for dinner.  Now that he is 11, all I had to do was drain the pasta.  

Leave it to Alex to pick the one recipe in the book I was unsure of.  I mean, eggs, apples and chicken salad on crackers?  I'm not a fruit and meat together kinda girl to start with.  Plus I like to separate my food, so the eggs touching the apple was questionable to me. 

But his face when he gave me my plate and told me to go and sit down, was worth it.  After he finished making them, he started cutting the rest of the apple and said " You guys start eating, I'm going to do like mom and finish up in the kitchen before I eat."  I really need to stop doing that.  Usually by the time I serve them, make my plate and sit down, they are all about done.

These little sandwiches were not bad at all.  I did end up eating the egg by itself on a few of them, but I was impressed.  With the food and the cook!  

Did you spend time in the kitchen growing up? Do your kids like spending time with you in the kitchen? Some of my earliest memories are of cutting and peeling vegetables and sitting on the counter while Dad cooked. I hope the boys remember days like this too.

Happy Monday Yall!

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