February 20, 2017

Menu Plan Monday: February 20th

I mean technically its still Monday, so I'm not really that late with this post right!? These long weekends always get me confused.

It's been a pretty decent weekend too. We didn't go on any grand adventures, but we did have fun. We went to the library, and went out for lunch, lots of sleeping too. And today while I did yard work, David played some street ball with the kids. So it wasn't quite what we had planned, but we were still together and that's good enough for me.

Grocery shopping got done today too. Dad used to warn me that growing boys eat EVERYTHING. It is true. These guys are not picky and will eat pretty much anything. When you are bagging asparagus, and your kid says "YES! I love asparagus!" people look at you crazy. Then he asked if we could try Brussels Sprouts. I did my best not to make a face. That is my the one food I don't ever want to eat again. I suppose I could just try it. Lead by example right.  Sigh...

Monday:  Mozzarella Chicken.  We played outside until dinner time, so we had pizza instead.

Tuesday:  Mozzarella Chicken and salads.  Take 2.

Wednesday:  Beef and Broccoli.

Thursday:  Fiesta Cream Chicken with Corn.

Friday: Parmesan & Herb Salmon with asparagus. 

So, what did y'all do this weekend? Anything fun and exciting? We had a storm blow through last night and turns out 6 tornadoes too. Craziness! Thankfully it's a short week. Before we know it, it will be the weekend again!  

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