January 13, 2017

Big dogs, beautiful skies and birthday boys

This week has been jam packed full of fun and happiness.  And even though today seems to be going straight out with the trash, I am gonna sit here and run through everything that made me happy because anything less right now is gonna make me cry.  So.  Deep breaths. And GO!

This Dog.  I can't believe how grey he has gotten.  He humored me with one game of "stay and seek" but it was enough to convince me that if I ever go missing, he will find me.  Im so happy we have him.  

Science Night at the school.  Im such a nerd.  They had telescopes, robots, bones and snakes.  The boys were more excited about Firetrucks and the hot air balloon.

 Medication.  We picked up the very first order of the year and I was about to pass out waiting in line.  Three of us had scripts filled and I was sure it was going to be high.  My medications alone (before deductibles are med) are usually in the hundreds.  When the lady said $30, I swiped and ran before she had a chance to say it was a joke.  


Taboo on FX.  Did you watch it?  Tom Hardy.  Enough said.

Carbs.  Carbs make me happy.  There I said it.  To bad the dr said to cut them.  But a yummy low carb menu for the week got me back to happy! My labs are gonna be messed up and my meds will need to be adjusted, but I LOVE me some spinach!

When Alex was 3 we took a trip to the zoo.  He saw a tortoise and asked if he could take it home. 5 years later, he is still asking so, we decided that it was time.  WE ARE GETTING A TORTOISE!  Yes, we know they live forever.  We are not impulsive pet people, took just as long to get Poncho!  I will still have to go to the Reptile House for my snake fix though, because the boys won't budge on the no snake rule.  Boo.

Reading.  I haven't read a book all week, but seeing the boys tucked in bed reading always makes my heart happy.  

Texas Skies.  We get some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets here.  Not quite like home, but still stunning.  

This kid.  It's been a pretty good week for him. And that means its been a good week for both of us.  Im so lucky to have such an honest and forgiving relationship with this kid.  Call me overprotective but knowing he can tell me the things he does, makes my heart happy!

My baby turned 8 yesterday.  I can't even explain how happy that makes me.  I couldn't imagine life without this wild little man!  

I'm so glad its finally Friday.  Even if the day didn't did get a little crazy for a second there.  Here's to a long and fun filled weekend.  Anyone doing anything exciting?

Be sure to check out the 10 things that made me happy link up for more happiness.  Big thanks to Krysten, Lindsay and Charlotte for hosting.  Sometimes we need a little reminder that there is always something to be happy about!

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