November 14, 2016

Menu Plan Monday: November 14th

It's 9pm and I am just now sitting down.  It's been one of those days. One of those Mondays!  Started out with a Doctor's appointment, then lab work, grocery shopping and lunch.  Then by the time I was done with all that, it was time to get the little kids.  Then the big kids and we were off to conferences.  Got home just in time to shower and clean up before getting the boys tucked in and sleeping.  And now I sit! But just for a minute because that melatonin is gonna be hitting me soon!

Thankfully this was not a typical Monday.  I usually try not to schedule anything first thing in the week for this very reason.  Man I am wiped out.  And tomorrow is almost just as busy.  But then I get a day off before my MRI on Thursday.  The end of the year is always jam packed full of Dr visits.  But for me, I'm hoping my follow up next week is the last of the year.  Fingers crossed.

Dinner for the week isn't anything special.  I think there is enough excitement in the week! The boys ended up staying at their "other mothers" for dinner tonight.  But I will be back on track tomorrow.


Monday:  Dinner at Miss Darcie's

Tuesday:  Arroz con Pollo

Wednesday:  Supper Club Fish

Thursday:  Leftovers

Friday:  Nachos


Get rid of 20 things

Cut the grass

Steam clean

Get more sleep

Man that Melatonin is no joke.  This whole time I have been saying it doesn't work when I just wasn't taking enough.  Time to finish my cuppa tea and take myself to bed.  Yesterday I got a whopping 3 and a half hours of sleep.  The goal is to sleep more than every night before.  Tonight should be pretty easy!

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend and a even more amazing week!

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