April 29, 2016

10 things that made me happy this week

Time for a little Friday happiness to kick off the weekend.  I'm linking up with Why Girls Are Weird, The Flynnigans and My Pixie Blog.  Be sure to check them out and what others are happy about.  No better way to start the weekend than with happiness!

Well the week didn't turn out quite like I had planned but I did stay busy enough that it seemed to blast by.   Monday called for the oldest to stay home because he was not feeling well.  Tuesday went great.  Wednesday night the little one got sick and Thursday morning, the oldest one decided that Mumps would be a fun way  to end the week.  They are home again today.

I am exhausted.  Its always hard for me when they get sick.  This liver of mine makes it really hard for me to not get sick when I have one kid sick.  When its the both of them, I feel like I am drowning. Thankfully they are old enough to almost take care of themselves.  I got up and medicated everyone then laid back down for a bit.  They are feeling just good enough to argue over a video game. Yesterday they were both super quiet.  So I am hiding in my room until their screen time is up and I send them to their rooms to rest up a bit.

10things spring 

I think even though the week went to hell in a hand basket, there was still a few things in there that made my heart happy.  Let's see.

  1. My Plumeria is going to bloom
  2. Alex riding on two wheels.
  3. Duncan will be going home in a week!
  4. Helping mom save money on medications
  5. I'm going to be an auntie again. This will be #9
  6. Taco Tuesdays
  7. Snugly puppies
  8. Snugly boys.
  9. Friends who bring dinner
  10. Grandma bringing sick supplies.
It must be nap time now right?  Going to send the boys to their rooms and see if I can sleep a bit.  Maybe my head won't hurt as much after a good rest.  Hopefully tomorrow is better.  

Hope everyone has a good weekend! Stay safe and have fun!

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