March 11, 2016

Cookies, Comfort and Crazy Hair

Its Friday and time to share some things that made me happy this week.  And what a week it has been.  I think I have felt ever emotion in the book this week. But in the no matter how bad it gets, there are always things to be happy about.  Thank God for that too, because otherwise I would be a complete mess.  


1.  My ultrasound results are in.  No cancer or tumors.  After having a tumor taken out of my neck, the lump in my breast and the polyps on my liver, those words make me more than happy.  I can rest now, until my MRI/CT scans this summer.

2.  I didn't have to be alone for any of my appointments.  It used to be so hard to ask for help.  David was wasn't able to get off work for all of them, so I would have to go alone.  Eventually I got a used to it.  But thanks to good friends, Its nice to not go alone anymore.


3.  Having friends who feel like family.  Who choose to be in our lives, make time for us, always have my back and love my boys like their own.

4.  Homemade cookies.  I miss baking with the boys, but they are growing out of that stage.  So, I just borrow my friends kids and we try not to make a big mess. I love it!

5.  Texts from the hubby.  There is a reason I text him from a whole different platform than everyone else. Mostly so I would stop mixing up my messages and telling everyone I loved and missed them on accident. Not that I didn't love and miss them all. But when you tell the wrong person that you love the way the room still smells like them when you wake up...yeah.  Time to take some extra precautions.


6.  Rest.  I have struggled this week.  But the weather has been perfect for naps and reading.  Ill have to work extra hard next week.  Which is the plan.  

7.  Me new LuLaRoe leggings.  Not only do they have cars on them that make my boy mom heart so happy, but they are the most comfortable things I have ever worn!  Like EVER!


8.  We survived the dreaded 5th grade puberty video.  We watched it twice here.  Well he watched it, while I put away groceries and David giggled like well a 10 yr old boy in the bedroom.  And then he watched it at school.  The questions are still coming in, but the fact that he is willing to ask me them makes me happy.  

9.  Got mail from the Department of the Navy and told the Lex that I they wanted him.  The smile on his face was priceless.  But hearing him say "Are you serious, they really want me?!" He was a little sad to find out it wasn't really for him but an invitation for my nephews graduation.  But I assured him, it the Navy is what he wants, I know he will get there.  7 years old and somehow he already has his whole life planned out.  

10.  Accepting myself for who I am.  I'm not usually the super self-conscious kinda girl.  Sure I had my days here and there, but lately I have been so harder on myself.  I don't know why.  But then the boys reminded me that I am pretty cool just the way I am.  Because I cook and play video games.  Because I wear make up but am a tomboy.  I love them. If they are happy, I am happy.  And it reminded that the only one expecting me to be perfect, was me.  And I am far from it.  Like my hair, I will always bee a little crazy. And that's ok.


Happy Friday Everyone.  Its Spring Break here and we are planning to make the most of it. There are parks to be explored.  Books to be read and the sun better come out so we can get a few swims in.  Have a great weekend!

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