January 18, 2016

Menu Plan Monday: January 18th

Oh, how I love long weekends.  The weekends seem to get shorter and shorter so that one extra day helps. Today we spent the day running errands and then took a trip to the Zoo.  The little one has begging to ride the train so we squeezed that in first. Half way though the trip he said he was probably to big for this one and needed to try a real train next.  Sigh.

OK on to the food.  A few new recipes and some old.  But its all super easy.  And tasty, I hope.

Who knew Parmesan and Salmon could taste so good!!??
This salmon is amazing!
Monday:  Chicken Parmesan casserole with salads.

Tuesday:  Arroz con carne, rice and beans.

Wednesday: Oven fried pork chops with Brussels sprouts.

Thursday: BBQ chicken bake with mashed and corn.

Friday:  Parmesan crusted salmon and broccoli.

Lots of one pan dishes.  That makes my heart happy.  Most days after dinner, I feel like every pot and pan I have are dirty and my kitchen looks like a grenade went off in it.  This menu should help with that.

Whats on your menu this week?


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