January 8, 2016

Looking for the perfect water bottle? #xtremecanteen

**I recieved this product in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own!**

Drinking more water has always been one of my goals.  For so many reasons. I dont drink a lot of other things. Soda, when we go out, but I don't usually have it in the house. Juice, pass. Milk, just no longer agrees with me. So water it is.  

My doctors are always telling me to drink more water. Seriously? More water than I do now? Yes, they say more water. But the water bottles were piling up and most of the time were being left around half full. And that had to stop.

We had a few reusable water bottles. Most were the boys for school. I had one. I got it because it was pretty and it was cheap. But none of them were perfect. And I would catch myself looking at the nicer ones and thinking there was no way I would spend that much.  

And then I found the Extreme Canteen. Well they found me anyways. And they sent me one of their canteens to try out.  

Xtreme Canteetn

When I was picking the color I was so torn. I was eyeballing the Blush Pink one because well in a house full of boys, pink is needed. But I went with the Shark Grey instead. When it got here, my 10 year old said "You should have gone with the pink!"

Before I tested it I though about what I wanted from it. My main two complains from other water bottles were that they didn't stay cold and the sweating. The boys had the same complaint. They love ice cold water but the ice makes the bottle sweat and gets everything in their bag wet.

My first though was that this thing is huge. 32oz. And its solid. When its filled with ice and water its a bit heavy.  Especially for the little handed people. Like my boys. And me. It also doesn't fit in our cup holders in the car. But those are its only cons and not really worth complaining about.

Extreme Canteen promises to keep your water ice cold for 24 hours and hot drink hot for 12. It is made of insulated stainless steel that will not sweat no matter how hot or cold the contents are. Thank you Jesus. There is nothing worse than a sweaty bottle.

Xtreme Canteen2

But can it really keep water cold for that long?  Yes!  I shared this on my instagram. After 36 hours, and refilling it a few times, there was still ice in it.  And we had gone to a birthday party so it sat in a hot car for a few hours!

A photo posted by Kim (@kmunoz28) on

I have to admit, my love of bottled water shames me. Growing up on a tiny Pacific Island, I know the disaster that they are to our oceans and I can only imagine how much greater it is now all these years since I left. Recycling isn't enough anymore. The stories I could tell you all about the things we would find in the ocean. And speaking of home, Xtreme Canteen is a family business that was started in Honolulu Hawaii. Just another reason to support the company.  Island love is strong.

Lets review!

It is big and can hold a 32 oz.
It is double walled and does not sweat.
It keeps cold drinks cold.
It keeps hot drinks hot.
The wide mouth makes for easy drinking/pouring.
The bottle is textured, so while it is big, its easy to grasp.
It helps do your part to clean up our earth.
It comes in great colors.
It is a family owned business.

Whats not to love! Have I found the perfect bottle?  I think so! I have a pink one on my wish list. And that Tiffany Blue. Oh man. My guess is by the end of the year, we will have a few to pick from.

Are you still looking for that perfect bottle?  Click HERE to get your own Xtreme Canteen.

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