July 8, 2015

Today I won!

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Some days I can get through the whole day feeling like I'm winning. Like my illness isn't in charge.  And some days no matter how had I try to focus, I just can't get things together.  Monday was one of those days.

As soon as David left for work I started cleaning.  I was expecting  company so I knew it had to be done.  I unplugged from one room and plugged in to the living room.  The doorbell rang so I stopped to answer it.
As I was saying goodbye to my friend I noticed a free limb hanging doen to I grabbed the clippers and trimmed it.  Since I was out there I cut a few more branches.  3 hours later my friend was back to pick up her kid and I was STILL cutting branches.   Thats when the bees got me.  One in the neck and one at the back of my head.

I ran inside to get some ice and a drink. After in rinsed my glass out I figured I should wash the few dishes that were in the sink while I was there.  Half way through I remembered that I didn't shut the garage door.
I went out to the garage and realized I had left my phone out there playing music. And the clippers were still in the yard. When I went out to get them I figured I should bag up the branches I had cut down. An hour and 3 bags of branches later, I remembered my phone in the garage. 

My alarm went off, reminding me that it was time for my meds.  Which reminded me that it was dinner time. Go figure the day that I lose track of time is the meal with the longest prep time.  I made the bread bowls  and started the chowder.  I took the last dish towel out of the pantry to dry up dishes with and figured I should wash towels. 

My feet were swelling so I sat down to rest for a minute and read a few chapters of my book.  The time went off on the stove so I went back to the kitchen and finished up dinner.  We ate and got everything put away. I even finished up the dishes. 

After a shower I took some leftovers to the neighbors.  Came home and finished up yesterday's post.  An alarm for the dogs meds went off and I remembered then I hadn't taken mine yet either.  After we were all medicated I was worn out.  I watch a show on TV and then went to lay down. 

I was just nodding off when David text that he was leaving work.  I got up to make sure the house was straightened.  I remembered the boys bikes were still laying in the driveway so I put them away so david could get in the garage. When he got home we took out trash and I went back to bed to read while he had dinner.

Next thing I know it's 4am and I'm still reading.  I got up to brush  my teeth and wash my face. Only to realized that I had put all the towels in the wager earlier and never transferred to to the dryer.  I looked in the mirror and called myself some names. Dried my face on my shirt and went to bed.

Today was such a better day. I found enough energy to go for a scooter ride with the boys.  They both thanked me for riding with them.  Lex told me he loves it when I act like a kid and play with them.  I really do try. I hope they know that.

I pushed myself and I made it through today.  Monday may have been a loss.  But today I won! The towels however, are still in the washer. 


  1. Wow, insanely productive. How are you feeling today though? Pretty wiped or okay?

    1. I bounce around a lot but in the end I try to finish everything up. LOL. Today had been pretty lame. I hate the days I complain and feel sorry for myself. But I will allow myself one day to wallow and tomorrow I will be back on track.