July 31, 2015

Friday 5: Confessions

This week seemed to just fly bye!  Or maybe it was just me being on a purging/cleaning roll that I didn't notice. Davids new schedule has him home earlier and so I spend more of the day cleaning while the boys are still awake.  As opposed to cleaning after they are sleeping.  And I know all you parents know that struggle. So if I'm on such a roll, why does it seem like nothings done?  I guess a moms job is never really done right?!

Confession time.

1.  I haven't written all week.  Why?  Periscope!  I haven't done a broadcast either, but I have been watching so many awesome people.  It almost feels like I went to all the places.  I was chilling with a girl on a beach in beautiful Hawaii just yesterday.  Then was on some big rock in Georgia with a couple of rock climbers.  Are you one Periscope?  If you are let me know so I can follow!

2.  I've only turned the TV on twice this week.  Once to play the PlayStation and once to watch a show.  What show did I watch?  Teen Wolf.  Don't judge me! I have the whole seasons of Deadliest Catch, The Astronauts Wife and Bones that I haven't even started.  Why do we still have cable?

3.  My Birthday is coming up and my wish list is so long that I feel guilty for wanting so much. Even more so knowing David will try to get me everything on it.  That's why I refuse to write it down!  He does know that I'm almost out of Scentsy and I want a table for the entryway.  But the rest is in my head.

4.  Davids schedule change has our routines a little out of whack.  It really is a good thing and I love being able to have him home before I get into bed.  But its an adjustment.  And I am struggling. I am crossing my fingers that he will be back to normal hours by the time school starts.  Bed time runs so much smoother when he is here.

5.  Remember how I prepped lunches for the week.  There are still two containers in the fridge. But, Not because I didn't eat lunch.  Alex has been making me lunch too.  And when your 6 year old tells you hes making you a plate...you take the plate.

Look how serious he gets!  And then he pats the turkey down all gentle like.  Ahh, this kid cracks me up.  And I love that he loves being in the kitchen with me. He even dances when he eats like I do. Last night it was just me and him in there making dinner and we had a blast.

When I was little Dad always had one of us kids in the kitchen helping him out.  And its one of the things I enjoy doing, now with my own kids.  

Do your kids help out in the kitchen?

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