December 22, 2014

The Flu, Fevers and the Rainbow Bridge.

When it rains it pours.   True story but luckily I have amazing friends who remind me to open my damn umbrella.  Its been an awful week. 

One kid was home half the week with a stomach bug and fever.  By Friday night the little one was up to 103.  Thankfully there was no vomiting for him.  By Saturday night the Mr was down for the count too.

And just when you'd think things could not get any worse, the dog I was sitting  started acting a little off. By the morning I knew something was wrong and we rushed her to the vet.  A few hours later and she was gone.  The vet said there was nothing I could have done.  Cancer ran like fire through her body and there was no stopping it. 

My heart is broken.  And not even because of what I went through. Her family had just left on vacation after getting an all clear from her vet. She was their everything. And whats worse is their Chihuahua was mauled just 2 months ago.  I can only hope that me loving on her for the 2 days is somewhat of a comfort. She was never alone and last night I set my alarm  to check on her every hour and make aure she was comfy.  I slept from 3 to 6 and when I tried to take her out in the morning she just couldn't. I know in my heart I didnt do anything wrong but it doesn't stop the hurt.  I wanted to go back to the vet and stay with her until she passed. But when she took a turn for the worse, there was no time. She was in pain and now she has crossed over the rainbow bridge to play with her brother. I cant imagine their pain and heartache.  The poor boys.  As if losing one dog wasnt enough. Ahh my heart hurts. 

Im trying to be glad I was here to love on her in her final hours.  The vet tech promised to hold her and love on her until she was gone.  No dog should ever have to die alone and unloved. She was loved by so many. Such a sweet and beautiful. I know you are resting easy now Gaga. You will be missed girl!


  1. I'm so sorry, Kim. What a gorgeous, sweet dog. I hope things improve greatly for you and your family and your friend's family too.

    1. Thank You Colleen. She was such a sweet girl. Even after realizing she must have been in such pain, she never once let on to it. Her loss will be felt hard for a long time to come. They guys are all better and I'm just waiting to shake this nagging cough.