October 11, 2014

Im alive...sorta!

In between bouts if pain and fatigue I have written this post over and over. But then I forget to hit post or delete it instead of saving it.  Yesterday it was all gibberish. Between auto correct, and encephalopathy I ended up just  scratching the whole post and starting over.

So here I am.  1:30 in the morning and determined to hit the post button this time.  Its been a crazy rough week and I have an even crazier weekend coming up. But what can I do.  I have a smile and my big girl panties on. 

Tonight was the first night this week with a break in the pain and I actually ate dinner with little discomfort afterwards . And big plus, I can breathe again.  Im actually laying on my belly as i type and that NEVER  happens.

Tomorrow  its the Comapany party, volunteer, a soccer game, a birthday party and then one more party.  Sunday we have another game and I really need to get my grocery shopping done too. But for now, Im gonna sleep.   Good Night moon!  Be back again soon!!

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