August 6, 2014

National Minority Donor Awareness Week

Lets be honest.  Organ Donation isn't something that we talk about on a daily basis.  It isn't or at least, wasn't talked about when I was growing up.  Not at home and not in school.  Because most people don't think about it until it happens to them.  Until they or someone they love is told that they need an organ transplant.

While it is not a deal breaker, transplants done with donor and recipients being of the same ethnicity have a better success rates.  I remember when the doctors asked me what my race was. When they explained this I was for sure that my only chance was going to be family.  But when they said that I would have to have a cadaver liver, my family is out of the question.  I need them all safe and sound and cheering me on though all this.  But then I wondered how many of the kids from back home are organ donors.  And if they even knew it was possible to take something out of someone and give it to someone else.  So I asked, and was blown away at how many had no clue.

I know today is the last day of Minority Donor Awareness Week but that does not mean we can not share the good word with our family and friends.  Talk about it.  Educate yourselves and then educate others. And please be sure to visit Donate Life America and see what steps you need to take be make it official in your state.  If you haven't already, register today!  Thank You from myself and the other 123,210 people that are waiting for a life saving organ.

(hover over your state and see the numbers)
Has your life been touched by organ donation?  I would love to hear about it.  How much did you know about it beforehand?  Have you registered to be a donor?

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