July 21, 2014

Menu Plan Monday: Wait it's Monday?

Yes. It's Monday.  Only for a few more minutes though.  And do you know what I've got lined up for dinners this week?  Because I sure don't.  Oh no guys, this is bad.  My appetite is at an all time low.  Ok that's not true, but I have been so afraid to eat because everything has been making me sick.  I don't really even want to leave the house.

But what happens when mom is disgusted by all foods and no one can think of anything they want for dinner?  Nothing happens. Sandwiches happen.  Lots of sandwiches. Tonight David bribed me with mozzarella sticks from Dennys just to get me to eat something.  They didn't make me sick but we did make it our last stop before going home. 

I've got one more day of these injections.  My belly is all bruised.  So bad that I dread putting pants on.  And I've run out of Marshallese dresses to wear. I guess I will do laundry tomorrow.   I was going 4 share a photo of my bruises, but my stretchmarks are even more scary in a photograph.  Like mauled by a tiger bad...

Anyways.  I know it's been quiet around here. July is a hard month for me.  It brings back the pain of losing my dad two years ago. Then you throw in the change in meds and doctors appointments and my scope coming up. It just gets to be a lot to swallow.  But I'm coming out of it.  Trying to find even the littlest bit of faith.  And enough strength to get me though the next few weeks.   I know it's in me but I am so tired.  Almost to tired to dig deep. 

So about the menu, that's not happening today. But I am about to check out Pinterest and see what I can find.  We have to eat, I just don't know what yet.  I'll be better prepared next week I promise!

Note to self:  Take some Lactulose,  your thoughts are all over the place.  Squirrel!

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