July 28, 2014

Menu Plan Monday: July 28th

You know those days where you are so relieved with the sun goes down and the weekend can start.  Yeah, I thought today was Friday.  I'm so off my rocker.  I spent the most of the afternoon at the Transplant Clinic. David took half the day off to go with me.  He told on me too, can you believe it?  He told Dr. O that I was not eating or sleeping.  Where is the loyalty?  I'm joking, I was going to confess but David got to it first. I will post an update on all that good stuff later on, but now that I'm thinking about it, here is what is cooking this week.

Monday:  Got home late today.  Its been a fend for yourself kinda night.  The boys were with Grandma so that means they came home with full bellies anyways.  

Tuesday:  Its recovery day for me.  Days like today wear me out and the following day is spent relaxing. Who knew an appointment could be so exhausting?!  Going with a quick and easy baked Swai with salad and brown rice pilaf.

Wednesday: Looking forward to trying this One Pot Creamy Chicken dish.  Its almost like a creamy chicken noodle soup minus the soup part.  And who doesn't love a one pot dish?  The boys think biscuits or bread sticks will be good too.

Thursday: Meatloaf.  I'm gonna be honest here and tell yall that I have been using the McCormick meatloaf packet and its really good, but good grief the sodium content is awful.  So when a friend sent me THIS recipe.  My first though was why she was sending me recipes from a bodybuilding site, but I'm going to try it and see how it goes.  Ill try just about anything once.  Here goes nothing!

Friday:  Another one dish meal. This Baked Salmon and Veggies dish looks delicious!  Yes more fish. We love fish in this family.  Granted its not the fresh fish I grew up eating back home in the Marshall Islands, but we will take what we can get.

Saturday:  We have a birthday party to go to so no cooking for me!  

Sunday:  Couldn't decide, so who knows what we will be having.  Maybe a clean the fridge out night...

What are yall cooking this week?  Anyone have a must try one pot dish?  I have been fighting the tower of dishes lately.  Its kind of like the laundry.  Never ending.  So I would love more easy clean up recipes!  

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