May 27, 2014

Menu Plan Monday: May 26th

This long weekend threw me off, so I'm a day late.  Soccer is officially 9 very for a few months. There are 2 weeks left of school and I finally managed to get to the grocery store. Even with four less hectic days a week I still feel so rushed. I'm actually looking forward to spending time in the kitchen!

Monday:  We had an unplanned meatless Monday.  The boys are always so surprised when we have breakfast for dinner.  Every. Time.

Tuesday:  Honey Sriracha Chicken with fried rice and broccoli. David is looking forward to this. I made it the other week and even the boys have asked for it again. Ask and you shall receive.  

Wednesday:  Spaghetti with salad.  Every week someone asks for spaghetti.  Never me of course. Is it really weird that I love pizza but despise spaghetti?   David thinks I am crazy.

Thursday:  Leftovers. Gotta clean out the fridge. I'm on a mission to make sure we toss out less and eat everything we make!

Friday:  Spanish rice and chicken.  With salad and let's not forget the beans.  Maybe this will be a day to try out a homemade tortilla recipe... we will see.

Saturday:  We will be celebrating our friends birthday with a dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.  Thankfully we have a big gift card that we need to use.  We are supposed to be avoiding eating out this week, but the gc should cover it or at least most of it. Hopefully. We have never been here before.  

Sunday:  There is a 90% chance we will be headed to Grandmas house for dinner.  David joked that we were going to go over every Sunday and we have been.  This last week we didn't and even the boys noticed!  

What is on your menu this week? I have started my search for new summer dinners so if you have any good ones and care to share, Id love to try some out! 

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