April 4, 2014

Friday 5: Looking forward

As the week comes to an end I was thinking about all I did this week and what I want to do more of next week.  I've been feeling pretty good mentally and physically and I have so much I want to get done.  In typical me fashion in five minutes I had come up with a list of a hundred things and was suddenly not looking forward to it anymore.  So I cut it back a little.  Like down to 5 little!  Perfect.

Our first San Antonio Talons Game.  I love when David gets perks at work.  There is going to be a Nestle booth set up at the game and so one of the guys at work got free tickets.  Only problem is, he was going to be busy so he gave them to David.  Score.  I have never been to an Arena Football game but I'm so excited. We support out local teams.  Actually David has been a Spurs fan as long as I have known him. Cowboys too.  I guess I married into it.  We also love going to the Scorpions Soccer matches and The Missions Baseball games too.  After tonight, we will need to add a Rampage night.  Why do I feel like one of the few women who really enjoys sports?  Anyone?

ACS Volunteer Orientation.  I can't lie.  I am seriously nervous.  Not because I feel like I'm going to be learning something new.  Not because I am trying something new, but because I am doing it alone.  As far back as I can remember, David and I have done everything together.  We worked together for 5 years, we have lived together for 14.  Its just the way we do things.  For years I have been saying I wanted to do this. But I always found an excuse.  Then at the beginning of the year I found out about SA2020 and I resolved to volunteer.  That day I sent in my application and the day is finally here.  And I'm going in alone!  I'm excited and nervous all in one!

After next week the two following weeks are short weeks at school.  And that means 3 day weekends.  I am warming David up to the idea of an overnight camping trip.  20 dollar fee, some fishing, hot dogs on the grill and clean air.  It will be much needed for all of us.  Anthony has STAR tests coming up and even though he says he is ready for them, I know he always worries about tests.  David has been swamped at work and me at home.  Alex, well hes my carefree guy.  He will just be excited to go on an adventure.  Fingers crossed I can butter up the hubby!

OK,  I'm probably going to irritate some people here.  But I am ready for good Friday.  I really really want a soda.  I know what you're thinking.  You didn't take me for the religious type.  Surprise!  I don't go to church.  But I believe. I know my prayers and I pray every night.  And every year for lent, I give up soda.  I wanted to give up medicine and doctors appointments, but that never happens.  And I am not craving a drink of soda all day, I think I just want it because I can't have it!  Yesterday I was working out back and man was it hot. I caught myself thinking a coke would have been perfect.  Who knows, maybe I will just stick with it, I mean, I made it this far.  Why give in now?!

May 14th.  My baby is going to be 9.  I have a little over a month left. I don't know why this year seems so much more significant.  Hes grown a lot this year and I feel like I am finally losing my sweet little boy.  The other day he asked me about hormones.  HORMONES people!!  Why don't we ever talk about puppies and toys anymore.  Now its stories about his friends and how this girl gave him a bracelet and everyone laughed at him.  Poor boy couldn't understand why the other boys were teasing him.  Middle School is going to be rough.

I know I said 5 but I know I am not the only one looking forward to summer!  Late nights.  Sleeping in. Pool days. 100 degree temps.  Yes, I love that part too!  I can't wait!  What are y'all looking forward to these next couple of weeks/months?

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