March 24, 2014

Menu Monday: March 24th

Monday:  One of the best things about being a Kwaj Kid was the annual Bigej trips.  Almost the whole school would pile on to a barge and we would make the long trip a few islands down.  We would buy new batteries for out raidos and pack out coolers to the brim.  Just the trip alone was so much fun but once we got there, we would explore the jungle or lay out.  Or we would just float for hours in the clear blue water. Every year, Dad would pack us up the same things.  Spam Musubi and a huge sub sandwich.  He would special over loaves of bread that were twice as long as regular french bread.  He would layer on the ham and turkey and salami and veggies.  Don't forget the cheese!  And we would share with anyone who wanted some.  Somedays when I am missing the ocean and my dad I will make these and then remember all the fun we had!  Its a great way to start of the week because its so insanely easy.

Chicken Roll ups.  Another Dad recipe.  He taught me how to make this one year when he went on TTY.  I made them twice that week and they are always one of my go to dinners.  Just cut up some chicken, season with cumin, adobo and paprika.  Shake some oil on top then stir and marinate.  Cook the chicken and then add sliced bell peppers.  Then throw it in a tortilla with some cheese and roll it up.  Sometimes I will make a few and then bake them to warm them all up at one time.  Another super easy dinner.  Cheap too!

Tacos.  Everyone suggested dinners with tortillas and I just did't have the energy to argue with them, so here we go.  More tortillas. Alex said that's ok because hes a Messican.

Steak night.  Last week at soccer practice, we could smell someone cooking up some steaks and have been craving them ever since!  And so we splurged a little and got us all some nice looking steaks.  I also got some shrimp to make a shrimp salad to go with it.  So excited!

Fish and Chips.  Next week I will be a little more creative with our Friday dinners but this week Im taking the easy way. 

Chicken enchiladas.  With rice and beans of course.  Then I am officially done with tortillas for a while.  I hope.  I guess we will see what we come up with for next weeks menu.

I am hoping that there will be a variety of leftovers for dinner.  That way the fridge gets all cleaned out and I can fill it up again when I go grocery shopping!  Oh the joy!

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