February 27, 2014

Happiness is ______ {2014-W8} #happinessis

Week 8 already?  Yup its almost March people.  MARCH!  There are still little reminders of New Years around the house.  Time flies!  You will have to excuse my day late post because I spent most of yesterday knee deep in paint.  Solar system projects are due tomorrow.  And our plan to get the kit and paint them didn't work out so well, because the paint was water based and would not stick to the styrofoam.  Oops. So we had to go back and paper mache them all.  But  now all we have to do is stick them all together now. I actually love doing them, but I am such a procrastinator and with soccer the whole first half of the week and adoption events on the weekends, time was just no where to be found. So anyways here we go.  

Happiness is a nice afternoon.  The Mr washing his car, the boys riding scooters in the street and me breaking open a brand new book.  

Happiness is a special gift for the dogs from an old friend.  Bark Boxes rock and the dogs loved it all.

Happiness is two boys getting along and having the funnies conversation.  All over a can of sardines. They asked me what kind of snacks I had as a kid and wanted to try it.  Go figure they loved it.

Happiness is this boy and his way with dogs.  Rambo is super gentle on the leash and we all had a good laugh when a lady ran to Anthony to help him because she was worried Rambo would drag him around. Anthony has such a calming effect on all the dogs.  He actually seeks out the stressed guys and gives them love.  He has a caring little soul and a heart of gold.

Happiness is lunch at the park and then running off some of their energy!

 Happiness is having to decide which book to start first!

Happiness is my nightly cuppa tea with my little one.  I have never seen a kid love tea as much as this one. He is always wanting to try a new flavor.  And he likes it straight, no sweetener!

Happiness is a kid who was nominated by a school staff member for a reward because he is caring.

Happiness is being one step closer to done.  Cant wait to clear my table off again!

After the day I had yesterday I needed this bad.  The water was steaming.  I closed my eyes and imagined I was back home on the beach.  Which is funny because I have bottles of the sand from there. I put my head underwater and was taken back to my days spent in the water. I never even opened the book.  But I was so refreshed and relaxed when I fell asleep last night!

What has brought you happiness this week?  Was it a phone call from a friend?  Something someone told you?  What ever it is, share it.  In a world with so much sadness, a little happiness goes a long way.  Hop over to Crazy Adventures in Parenting and see what others are happy about this week!  And hang in there. Its almost Friday!!


  1. Love love LOVE! The planets are coming along nicely! Hooray for the reward nomination :)

    1. It was a welcome change from the funk I was in last week :)