February 5, 2014

Dear David.

Today we celebrate our 10th anniversary.  I have spent the last few weeks trying to thing of something that I could give you that would help you see just how much I love you.  But there is no gift that I could buy or make that could ever be that perfect. And the only words I can come up with are Thank You.

Fifteen years ago you kept talking to me even though you knew I was mad at you.  To this day, you do this. Even when I am completely unreasonable, you always find a way to break down the walls I put up. Thank you for never giving up on me.

We were just children ourselves when we lost our first baby.  You never left my side.  You loved me through a second loss and promised me that someday we would have a beautiful family. You helped me though two more crazy pregnancies.  You trusted my choices.  Thank you for our amazing boys.

You push me to keep going when you see me giving up.  Thank you for also understanding when I just can't push myself any farther.

Thank You for always listening to me.  I love that even though I question you, you always hear everything I say.  Even when I mumble under my breath.

There are so many days that you come home to a house and wife that are a complete train wreck.  Thank you for coming in and giving me a kiss instead of running away.

I am always making you try things.  Thank you for doing things simply because I ask you.  I will never ask to to get on another roller coaster!

I love that you let me listen to my music in the car.  Even if you make fun of it, you know it makes me happy. Thank You for always finding new songs for me to fall in love with.

You always say its to hot to cuddle.  But still you hold me till I fall asleep.  And even though it drives you crazy the way my feet always find you when I sleep, you never move away.  Thank You for keeping me warm at night.

Remember the first time I told you I wanted a Great Dane.  I'm pretty sure you thought I had lost my mind. Again. And then I had the crazy idea to foster!  Thank you for letting me bring all these dogs into the house and falling in love with each one.  You know its important to me so you make it important to you.

After Anthony was born you saw how much I loved taking pictures of him.  You bought me my first camera and you have never stopped encouraging me to keep snapping away.  Thank you for supporting me and being my biggest fan.

Every morning you get up and go to work.  You bust your butt to provide for our family.  And you never give up.  Thank You for setting a great example for our boys on what it means to work and do what you have to do to take care of your family.

But most of all I want to Thank You for loving me.  I know I don't make it easy.  I come up with these crazy ideas.  I have big dreams.  I am stubborn as all hell.  I keep you up all night to talk about all the random thoughts in my head.  I hate cleaning.  I make you do your own laundry and drive me all around town.  I can be just a tad needy and grumpy.  There are days when I am just to sick to do anything and days when I cant stop. I am always asking you for massages.  I take things out on you even when they have nothing to do with you.  Sometimes I shut down and sometimes I cry.  And even on the worst of days, you love me still.  You find a way in.  You make me laugh.  You make everything better.  You make me better.

Happy 10th anniversary Babe.  These past years have been crazy and there is no way I could get though any of it without you.  I'm not promising that the next 10 will be any easier but I do promise that whatever life throws our way, we will face it together.  I love you always.


  1. Oh Kim this is the sweetest thing. This is the kind of love people wish for :)

  2. Oh Kim this is the sweetest thing. This is the kind of love people wish for :)