December 13, 2013

Advice from my 8 year old.

I thought I had my game face on but my 8 year old could see right through it and he called me on it.  "Why are you so sad lately?"  And after trying to convince him that everything was fine, I gave in and explained it to him.  I'm sad that some people in my life are really struggling.  I'm sad some are sad and hurting.  I'm hurt that some of those people lie straight to my face.  I'm sad that its Christmas and I can't buy something for everyone.  And I'm even a little sad that I know there won't be something under the tree for me from my Dad.  His gifts were always the best.  I was just sad and upset.  I told him that sometimes we get like that.  I told him that when we are little we want nothing more than to be an adult, but when we are adults, life is nothing like we thought it would be.

He stood staring at me and suddenly I felt guilty for dumping all this on him.  But I could see it in his eyes, his brain was soaking it all in.  Soon a question would pop out of his mouth.  And sure enough, with a very confused face he asked " Why don't they just stop feeling bad?  You get what you get and you don't throw a fit.  That's what we learned in Kindergarten!"  And there you have it people.  Words of Wisdom from an 8 year old.  And there is so much truth to this.

Its sure is something to hear a kid say that its OK if he doesn't get everything he wants for Christmas.  Because someday he will be able to buy it for himself.  And that even if there isn't a present under the tree from my dad, there will be one from him.  Eight years old and already such a good man.  Don't get me wrong, he is still very much a child and I know that, but I love moments like this when I get a glimpse of the man he will be.  And I can only pray I can continue to encourage that in him!

I don't know what it is about this time of year.  Maybe it is just my brains way of sorting though all the good and bad of the year.  Usually I can get through Christmas before I start reflecting.  Looking back at how much everything changed.  Good and bad.  I have been thinking so much about how little I accomplished this year.  Did I tell people I love just how much I love them?  Was I a good friend?  Did I do my best to stay neutral in the craziness my family has been through this year?  I think about whether or not I have been the best mom I could this year.  Have I been a good wife?  So many questions and not enough energy left in my brain at the end of the day to sort though them.  Now that I have written it all out, I don't think I'm quite sad just a little overwhelmed and struggling to sort out all my thoughts.  I'm no grinch!  Its time to snap out of it and get in the spirit! Time to shutdown the laptop and turn up the radio!

Wishing you all a fun filled weekend!

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