December 29, 2013

2013 Highlights

Before we close the door on another year, I just wanted to take a minute to share a few things we did in 2013.

 Soccer!  It was amazing to see Anthony improve in just two seasons.  Watching him practice and then seeing his hard work paying off made me so proud.




There was a flow constant flow of Foster dogs this year

Haiku.  She started a love for huskies in Alexanders heart!
Bruce Wayne the Dane
Sweet baby Marie

My niece Jamisen turned one.

Jam Jam.  <3 her!

We had some awesome adventures this year.

Exploring at the park
Despicable Me 2.  Both boys actually watched the whole thing!
I have a crush on Ballapeno.  Clearly he likes me too :)
Road trip with the boys and dogs
Poncho met some cows
Hayrides at the Rio Cibolo Ranch

Anthony started making dinner once a week.  Lots of homemade pizzas and spaghetti this year.


And I realized that my baby isn't a baby anymore. In 2 weeks he will be 5!!


It was a great year.  My family is happy and healthy.  The boys are growing into little men.  With opinion and ideas of their own.  David was finally put on a better work schedule which meant he was home for dinner more than just a few weeks this year.  I made friends.  Last year I made a goal to be more social and not let my illness hold me back and so I did.  It might seem silly to some, but being pretty much house bound gets super lonely at times, so its a big deal to me.  I said I would not let my illness stop my boys from doing things they wanted to do and with the help from my family and friends, we did so much more this year.  Specifically Soccer.  That was pretty much the highlight of the year.  We are blessed.

As for me, health wise, I have been doing great.  Stable is what the doctors call it.  My liver function is still ok.  The nodules on my liver have not grown.  I have not had any major problems with my blood disorder.  I did have a scare, but and early mammogram showed us there was nothing to be worried about.  And I have been able to stay on top of my Encephalopathy so my head has been foggy but nothing too bad.  All this together means, less lab work and more time off in between doctor visits!  WIN!

Now we look ahead to all the new year has in store for us.  This is the year that Alex starts school.  That will be the big thing for us this year I think.  And soccer!   Here is to a year full of good health and lots of laughter.  To new friendships and more adventures.  I'm so ready for this!  Hello 2014!


  1. Aww looks like a great year! Your son is adorable :)

  2. It looks like you had a great year! San Antonio is one of my favorite cities in the world! Love Love Love to visit there and all the area around! Hope is one of my favorite words too! In fact I plan on making Hope my word of the year. I have an old friend who I got out of contact with and she had a daughter named Kimberly Munoz so of course I would follow your blog. It is beautiful by the way. Looking forward to making a new bloggy friend.
    Debbie Howard