September 26, 2013

Review: The Mighty Handle

OK Moms.  You know that moment.  You just pulled up in the driveway with a car load full of groceries. One kid is grumpy because we didn't stop at the gumball machine and the other is already crying to be held. Just me?  Oh. Well I am pretty sure I am not the only mom who tries to get every last bag in one trip.  Am I right or am I right.  I do this every time.  Bags up to my elbows and I wobble up to the door.  Most days I'm pretty good about unlocking the door first.  Some days not so good.  Then I have to set all the bags down, because by then my hands are turning blue and I can't lift my arm all the way up thanks to the gallons of milk weighing me down.  Then once the doors unlocked I slide each bag back up my arm and go rolling the though house like a mac truck.  And most of the time, my little sister is coming in right behind me, doing the same thing!


Mighty Handle to the rescue.  I will admit, I was a little skeptical at first.  When I took it out of the box, my little one shouted, "cool toy" and I thought there is no way this is going to work!  But this little guy lives up to its name.

The Mighty Handle is lightweight and easy to store in your car or purse even.  Its even easier to use. Just hook the handles of your bags on the hook, making sure to distribute the weight on each side.  And when I come inside, I can twist the handles to close the bags up and keep curious dog noses and little hands out of them. You can do this when you put your bags in the car to keep your bags from spilling out on the drive home.


I was able to carry my bag of canned goods, a gallon of milk, boxes of cereal and pastas, a bag of chips, a 5lb bag of potatoes and a few other things into the kitchen with ease in one hand.  And all without any bruises or red marks on my forearms. Love it!  And by carrying all my groceries comfortable in one hand, my other hand was able to close the van doors and hold my little ones hand.  Fewer Trips back and forth and less of a struggle with the little ones make this little guy a winner in my book.  Each one can carry up to 50lbs.

The only con I have, and its a user error and not at all a problem with the Mighty Handle itself.  Its just that I am short!  And so If I leave my hands hanging and try to carry things, they usually skim the ground.  But then all I have to do is lift them up.  Its a welcome work out though, so I will not complain.  I suppose I could throw some heels on next time I go shopping.  That would work too!

One more great thing about the Mighty Handle.  They are worth it.  At $9.99 for a two pack.  You can find and buy a pair HERE!

**I received this Mighty Handle in exchange for my review.  All opinions are honest and my own.**

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