July 29, 2013

Menu Plan Monday: July 29th

How is it the last week of July?  Shoot that went by fast.  And I know August is only going to go by faster. With vacation, Back to School stuff and Soccer, it will be Halloween before I know it.  But lets not get ahead of ourselves now.  Focusing on this week, here is whats cooking.

I like to serve fish at least once a week and I'm trying a new recipe this time around.  Garlic Crusted Cod.  I think I will serve it with salad and brown rice pilaf.  What do you serve fish with?

Another quick and easy recipe I am going to try is Crock Pot Creamy Italian Chicken.  This looks interesting. And very similar to to dish I made before but forgot, so I'm going to try it out.  Shh don't tell David I'm using the Crock Pot again.  Is he the only hubby who things crock pot food tastes weird?

Spaghetti with salad and bread is always my fall back meal.  David and the boys could eat it every night if I made it.  But I am going to go back to making it from scratch.  I am not a fan of it. Unless the sauce is homemade and not half salt. I need to make the pasta from scratch too.  One of these days!

Tuna Casserole with green beans will make for another easy meal.

Enchiladas, Rice and Beans will be our Spanish dish of the week.  When David and I first moved to the states, him mom and Dad would come out to visit every winter.  She taught me how to make a few dishes that she always made for him so that I could make them now that we lived half way across the world.  I love that I can make these dishes for him every now and then, even if she only lives two blocks away now.

On Wednesday my sister leaves for part one of her vacation and my brother and his family will be staying with us for the next few days.  My guess is that there will not leftovers this week!  But with all the craziness that we are gearing up for, I am thankful for an easy menu plan!

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