July 1, 2013

Menu Plan Monday: July 1-7

OK!  I am getting back on track with this meal planning business.  When summer hit, so did the craziness and I have got to get my stuff straight again.  So back to planning it goes.  Here is what is on the menu this week!  And since the boys have been so in love with salad, we are having it just about every day :)

Crispy Southwest Wraps.  
Monday - Pork chop milanese with caesar salad and crusty bread.  Thank you $10 dinners!  Well I think it came out to $14 because I had to get a little more meat.  Cant wait to try it.

Tuesday - Meatloaf, roasted red potatoes and green salad. Easy peasy.  Don't judge, but I used the McCormick meatloaf seasoning packet.  The only other meatloaf I have ever liked is my Dads.

Wednesday - Southwest chicken wraps and green salad.  David requests this at least once a month! The boys didn't care for it the first time I made it but now they love it!

Thursday -  Burgers and hotdogs and yes...salad if there is any left.  Happy Fourth of July!!  I also got a big ole watermelon, because what is the 4th with out juicy melon?!?

Friday - Hawaiian beef with rice and some veggie that will probably not be salad.  This is new, but it looks good so I am excited to try it.  Although, not to be snobby, when things say "Hawaiian"  I always doubt them.  I'm not Hawaiian, but I am an island girl and grew up eating a lot of real Hawaiian food.  Either way, I just hope it taste good!  Fingers crossed!

Saturday - Leftovers or Spaghetti.  I am determined not to eat out this weekend.  Cutting back for our vacation next month!  YAY!

Sunday - Spanish rice and chicken with beans and tortillas.  Can you guess who picked this?  Alex.  He would eat it every day if he could.  When I ask him why he likes it so much he says its because hes a Messican.  Love that boy!

I don't ever plan breakfasts and lunches unless one of the boys suggest anything.  They have been on an oatmeal and eggs kick lately and lunches are usually leftovers or sandwiches.

What are you cooking this week?  Stop by Menu Plan Monday and see what everyone else is cooking up!

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